Skip to 2:20 for the execution.

Reports and video show two UN investigators were captured, led into a field, and then shot execution style. Michael Sharp, a U.S. citizen, and Zaida Catalan, a Swedish citizen, had been commissioned by the U.N. Security Council to investigate a new rebellion in Kasaï-Central Province that had pocked the area with suspected mass graves.

Zaida Catalan, Green Party Politician and Leader of the Young Greens of Sweden

This happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo around March 2017 and the video surfaced April 2017 when their dead bodies were confirmed.

Zaida Catalan was a prominent member of the Green Political Party in Sweden.

Michael J. Sharp was a humanitarian missionary and collaborated as a program coordinator for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and the United Nations.

The U.N investigators were supposedly volunteers looking into reports of human rights violations in the DRC.

Welcome to Sweden.

There is no doubt that as a member of the Green Party, Catalan advocated opening her nation’s borders to allow Congolese people into Sweden with promises to improve their lives. The above video is an example of what occurs when radical immigration from foreign countries occurs: refugees are not properly assimilated, people are killed, and the identity of a nation becomes subverted to the will of third-world cultures.

But what about the lives of her countrymen?

Should native Europeans be subjected to the savagery of a completely different race and culture?

Despite the best intentions, it is nearly impossible for two drastically different cultures to co-exist with each other in such close proximity. As evident by the taking of the life of two Western social activists. Many third-world countries have little or no regard for the best intentions of those in the West who desire to provide aid for the less fortunate. Through the example of this execution, it is clear that providing humanitarian aid to Africa is a bad idea. Good intentions will just be taken advantage of and, if something goes wrong, everyone is quick to blame the white man.