Miscegenation, or “race-mixing,” as it is often referred to, is the process of interbreeding between two racial groups through means of marriage, cohabitation, and procreation. The alt-right, defined much by its adamant defense of racial realism and resistance to multiculturalism, has published several articles concerning the topic. Unanimously against the dilution of race, culture, and any other form of identity one can associate with, the alt-right is notoriously an antagonist for the social justice movement. 

However, the issue is not so clear cut. 

There are many who call themselves “alt-right” who have no qualms with miscegenation, provided that the white participants of such a process are the undesirable members of the white race. The ideology girding this proposition is virtually identical to certain positions within the conversation of eugenics: if the lowest members of a group are done away with, then the average quality of the group will inevitably rise. Such was the ideological push behind abortion, which sought to, in some extent, alleviate poverty by alleviating the impoverished via infanticide. 

If the unintelligent, under-performing, and ultimately less than subpar members of one’s racial group leave the group to enter into the genetic pool of another, then there is, in the mind of these thinkers, no loss to be had. In the mind of an ethno-nationalist, the dignity and overall purity of the white race has been preserved with such a transaction. 

And thus, despite the existence of countless progressive liberals and cultural Marxists who believe that by having sexual intercourse with members outside of their anthropological genetic divisions they are angering the masses of racial purists in the world, such is not the case. In the face of a fat, triggered feminist who believes that by having several welfare-raised children with an African migrant will assuredly dismantle the Patriarchy or aggravate the alt-right, one can only laugh. 

The alt-right’s position on miscegenation can be understood as situational, provided that the process benefits the white race rather than operating against it, which is actually an incredibly common outcome. The benefit can be seen if one considers that for a man or woman to actually be stirred to procreate outside of their racial group, the alt-right thinker will presume that such a “degenerate” would be better off as an outsider to their race rather than a representative.