A few days have now passed since America suffered the worst mass shooting in its history. In a logical world the facts would have started to become clear at this point, but sadly that does not seem to be the case here. With only increased confusion occurring as the ever changing official narrative continues to not quite add up. Here is a breakdown of the key still unexplained aspects to the story. Including quite a few that have been seemingly ignored thus far by the authorities and mainstream press for some strange reason. 

Starting off we have this image, made up of combined leaked crime scene photos that immediately raise at least three questions.

6. Ammo Amount and Placement 


The sheer amount of unused ammunition left inside the room seems questionable. How long did our shooter really think he would be able to free fire before being stopped? Clearly based on the weaponry in the room, and his seeming efficiency with them, this was a man who knew his way around firearms. Which is why the amount of ammo seen in the picture seems perplexing, as it is clearly far more then he would ever have needed for his planned attack.

Even if he was just of the mindset that it was better to have more then he needed then not have enough, the ammunition is still problematic though, based on its position in the room. With the leaked photo’s now revealing that the killer seemingly inexplicably had his ammunition neatly stacked up on the OPPOSITE side of the column from his alleged firing position. Why would his ammo not be placed directly by the window where he was firing from, so he didn’t have to move to grab it and reload? Surely that would have made more sense.

5. The Handwritten Note Officials Won’t Talk About

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the leaked crime scene photos and why the Police are investigating so intensively the source of the leaks. Is that it appears to reveal the killer left a prewritten note on the table. This suicide or manifesto note, would most likely be the smoking gun in terms of his motivation behind the attack. So why aren’t investigators even mentioning it, let alone sharing it with us? Did it reveal an inconvenient truth perhaps? Here is a larger picture of the note to see for yourself. You will notice that the note was clearly intentionally placed under an item so as to not be moved accidentally, with a large pen that was most likely used to write it visible as well. It’s obvious the killer wanted people to read this note, so why haven’t we been allowed to?4. Placement of Gun Over Body

The picture above also highlights another confusing aspect of the crime scene photos, in that it depicts the killer to have somehow died with one of his guns seemingly carefully placed over his left foot. Whether he shot himself or was gunned down by another, this placement makes little sense. If he really committed suicide as per the official story, his body would have gone limp upon the deadly head shot, and his foot would have likely kicked over the gun, not delicately made its way under the weapon. This one may be possible, but when you have an increasingly series of unlikely occurrences happening all at once, it is not unreasonable to take notice of them.

3. The Unmentioned and Unexplained Chest Wound

While the official story seems to keep changing by the hour. The current line is that before police arrived on the scene, local security approached the shooters door. He then turned fire on them through the door, injuring at least one guard. Before he then seemingly stopped shooting, and committed suicide by placing a bullet into his head. Soon after the real police would enter the scene to find an already dead suspect. Why then does the victim appear to have a chest wound as well, when he supposedly shot himself in the head, and no bullets were fired at him? Warning, the image below is highly graphic.


2. No Security Camera Footage

One reason of course there are still so many questions left hanging in relation to the attack is that thus far the Mandalay Bay Hotel has not released any of their security footage related to the incident. Neither of the hallway shootout when security arrived, or even just of Mr. Paddock seemingly entering the hotel with his bags full of arms and ammo. Likely this footage is now in the hands of the authorities, and it’s actually the FBI and similar organizations not releasing the footage rather than the hotel, but the point remains the same. Why hasn’t the footage been released to the public? Is there something we aren’t meant to see in it? Surely the FBI has analyzed all the relevant footage thousands of times over by now, so what harm would its release do, at least if the official story occurred as we have all been told?

1. No Motive

While the most obvious this continues to be the big one. Especially as more facts emerge about the man in question. Why would a wealthy 64 year old man with no criminal record, history of mental illness, or belief in any extremism, religious or political based, suddenly opt to execute the worst mass shooting in the History of America? It just doesn’t add up, and the new information coming to light isn’t helping on that front either. 

This includes the recent interviews now coming out from the people that new him best, such as his brother and neighbor. Who have both expressed their confusion over the events stating that this just doesn’t seem to fit the profile of the nice quite peaceful man they knew. A man who only weeks ago was calling his mother to see if she was safe after Hurricane Irma.

It’s this lack of any clear logical or even emotional motivation for the attack that has left the mainstream media fumbling to find a plausible scenario. In the mean time though, that hasn’t stopped people online from developing their own alternative explanations for events. Including some pretty radical theories that do though have the benefit of explaining a number of the current mysteries like those above. If you are curious, a breakdown of possibly the most intriguing of these alternative takes can be found here.


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  • mojokabobo
  • guest

    Number one… the person who committed this atrocity had a reason that only he knew. If there is no affiliation with any hate groups or the like, then something must have triggered his actions. Maybe he was severely in debt to someone due to his gambling. Maybe he was upset over losing a huge hand of poker at the tables. Maybe we will never know the real reason and that’s fine with me, and who cares what it was. The fact remains he killed and injured hundreds of people with his arsenal of guns and ammo. He planned it out extensively and made sure he had all contingencies covered so he could inflict as much damage as possible before he was stopped, one way or another.

    Number two… all the speculation and conspiracy theories being floated everywhere are absolutely ridiculous and speculative at best. The FBI and law enforcement of Las Vegas have the facts and unless they feel the need to share those facts with the public, people need to stop this fear mongering and conspiracy riddled overthinking of a tragic event. The person who committed these acts is dead… let him rot in Hell for all eternity or whatever. Stop talking about him and stop trying to make sense of a senseless act of horror committed to innocent people.

    Number three… just because there is a piece of paper in one of the photos does not mean it is a manifesto or suicide note. Maybe it was his running count of how many people he shot. Maybe it was his shopping list for his next gun. Maybe I don’t give a shit. Stop. Just stop with these pointless articles and talking about this person. I don’t want to ever hear his name again. I don’t want to ever know anything about him or his life, because he is dead and he will never answer your questions as to why he did it. It happened and we all need to support the people who have been injured and give our support to those who lost family, friends, co-workers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters… those are the people I want to know about. Those are the people you should be writing about. Not this fucktard.

    Number four… lets talk about how legal all these guns are and how legal all these mods are that enable someone to convert a rifle to full auto capabilities. Lets talk about how nobody cares about gun control until their lives are pulled apart by someone who LEGALLY buys over 40 guns capable of killing and injuring over 500 people in less time than it takes to have a pizza delivered. Lets talk about how we all as a nation have a problem with ignoring the things staring us in the face and think “it doesn’t effect me so why should I care”. Let us talk about how real gun control and strict laws need to be enacted before the next “worst mass shooting in our history” happens, because some other dick bag goes off the deep end. Until you start writing about that, shut the fuck up about this loser.

  • Faith

    I think you missed one although not being a shooter it may be normal. Why is he wearing a glove? And racing to a conclusion if he’s wearing 1 he would probably be wearing 2 – wouldn’t he? Could it be that the gloves answer the forensic question of why no fingerprints on the guns? Oh because he was wearing gloves. Yip so maybe also who else was wearing gloves?

    • Jimjones

      My guess on gloves would be because the weapons would get pretty hot shooting so many rounds. Just a theory.

    • freedomsentinel

      I’ve heard of “bagging the hands” in crime scene investigations to preserve any trace evidence of irregularities, like gun residue, bomb making chemicals, but it is odd. Also it is more likely he was shot in the chest, due to the amount of blood from the mouth, more than likely it was the first wound he took from the amount of frothy blood, then the final shot to the head, very Strange crime scene.

  • K. D.H.

    How about the sheriff , while praising the bravery of the security guard, said he was helpful, even after he’d been shot. He helped them evacuate other hotel guests and used his master pass key . Then why did they supposedly breach the door with explosives?

  • Rik Wizard

    In every false flag event like this we find the same or similar issues. Contradictory evidence, lack of evidence, unlikely anti-hero, ‘Lone Wolf’ use of term ‘long gun’ for no reason, then of course there is never any blood at the scene, Find pools of blood in any of these photos for us please. http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/nevada-homeland-security-plans-mock-terrorist-drill/80837552
    Then there is the matter of a homeland Sec. “Drill’ on every single occasion including this one. http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/nevada-homeland-security-plans-mock-terrorist-drill/80837552