For all things there is a time. And right now, it is time to discuss Sweden’s immigration crisis.

We can sweep the matter under a rug and pretend like Sweden is one of the most successful countries in the world. But Sweden’s national identity has been come to be defined by openness, both geographically and ideologically. This is fundamentally at odds with Swedish history. In the year 1900, only 0.7% of the Swedish population was foreign-born, and out of that small percentage, approximately 70% were from other Nordic countries and 15% percent hailed from North America, keeping intact the religious, social, and racial traditions that have defined what it means to be Swedish.

By 2010, however, approximately 1.3 million Swedish inhabitants (nearly 15%) were born outside of Sweden, with over 60% of that figure representing immigrants from countries outside of the European Union. The follow chart represents the extreme fluctuation of receiving immigrants from 1850-2007 (invandrare = Eng. immigrants; utvandrare = Eng. emigrants):

The majority of immigrants residing in Sweden are of Syrian and Turkish descent, along with many Western Asian citizens fleeing Muslim extremism. Several well-known immigrant-inflicted acts of terror have been documented, including the 2015 Ikea stabbing (Eritrean perpetrator), the 2016 Sweden asylum center stabbing (Somalian perpetrator), and the 2017 Stockholm attack (Uzbekistani perpetrator). The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention has even provided information concluding that North African Immigrants were 23 times more likely to commit rape than native Swedes, with Iraqi immigrants were 20 times more likely, Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants were 18 times more likely, and Sub-Saharan African immigrants were 16.5 time more likely. Today, Sweden is the rape capital of Europe due to its reception of refugees being granted citizenship.

Despite the above findings that would convince any sane person to avoids mass immigration altogether, the Centre Party (Swed. Centerpartiet), a pro-immigration party in Sweden, has encouraged removing requirements for some degree of job skills and a clean criminal record, referencing Canada as an insignia of successfully receiving foreign immigrants.

The above data is what leads one to a completely logical conclusion: the United States should invade Sweden. The United States has a history of Swedish settlers during is colonial inception, with many Swedish colonists forming the colony of New Sweden in 1638, centered around the Delaware Valley. However, the colony was absorbed into New Netherland less than two decades later and ceased to be under the control of Swedish monarchs. As such, Swedish Americans have always been present in the shaping of American culture and have strong roots in both their Swedish heritage and American identity. What should those in the United States think when one of its most beloved historical acquaintances is rapidly becoming overrun by immigrants subscribing to ideologies inherently at odds with Swedish democracy? The answer is invasion and occupation.

This is not a cry of war against our Swedish brothers and sisters; rather, is a cry of reclamation against those who seek to subvert the Swedish people and pervert its national identity. Invasion via the establishment of American settlements in the Swedish world in order to recapture that spirit of Sweden and abolish the absurd amount of non-European immigration into a traditionally Nordic country will be the salvation of Sweden.

United States should invade Sweden

To save the beauty and history of Sweden, the United States needs to take action, perhaps by building a wall around Sweden to end the EU’s actions of sending immigrants to Sweden in particular. Why will the Nordic people not fight foultir their countries? Historically, Europe has been proud of its national identity and has worked to defend it at all costs, but today, the advent of the European Immigration Crisis has essentially raped the definition of what it means to be Swedish. So how can Swedes reclaim their heritage and rip what is rightfully theirs from the hands of Islam? They must place their faith in the United States, in the hands of Trump, a global leader dedicated to putting a stop to mass immigration. Salvation for the Swedish people lies only in its invasion by United States.