In our modern age of globalist corporate owned news media, the truth can be harder then ever to find. Never has that been more obvious than with the fact that 64 days since one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history, we are still left with far more questions than answers regarding the incident. While the mainstream media has long since moved on from the story, seemingly no longer finding an attack that left over 55 dead and another 500 plus injured important enough to keep investigating. We realize many of you place a higher value on both truth and human life, so with that in mind lets dive back into this horrific act and consider what new information has come to light in the previous few months.

As we previously mentioned during the initial few days following the attack. There are many reasons to believe the incident all comes down to Saudi Arabia in the end. The evidence for this having only grown over the past few months. That is because the real catalyst for the attack was its part in a long standing behind the scenes power struggle playing out inside the Saudi royal family. A power struggle that most American’s remain blissfully ignorant of despite it’s key role in shaping many recent world events. While the full background on this power struggle involves countless names. For the purpose of revealing what really caused the Vegas massacre, there are only two names you need to know. Muhammad Bin Salman and Alwaleed bin Talal.

On the left is our “hero” so to speak. The young Crown Prince of the kingdom Muhammad Bin Salman and a true reformer who wants to bring his nation and people into the 21st century. Along with already being a proven ally to Trump and his agenda, he is a legitimate fighter of the deep corruption inside his country, a champion of increased equal rights for women, and seemingly genuinely opposed to extremist Islam. Which is exactly why many powerful interests both inside Saudi Arabia and around the world are determined to never see him assume the throne.

Those opposed to Salman’s agenda include the man pictured on the right, Alwaleed bin Talal. A man who has previously made Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world, and is both a member of the royal family himself, along with being an independent billionaire businessman. Despite his wide reaching influence however, he is possibly best known by most Americans merely for getting in a public twitter feud with Donald Trump back during last years election. But what does a Saudi power struggle have to do with Stephen Paddock and a shooting in Las Vegas? To get there we first need to understand that Talal has for years used his vast fortune to more or less control Saudi Arabia, and that this same fortune is tied up in American corporations such as CitiCorp and even Twitter. He has also profited for years from the War On Terror, playing both sides of the conflict with ties to the American Military Industrial Complex and radical terror groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. He is also heavily connected to the Washington Swamp crowd donating heavily over the years to both the Clinton and Bush dynasties among others. All of this though was threatened by the rise of the Crown Prince and his new reforms.

As you might imagine, anyone trying to bring down decades of deep seated corruption has a rather large target on his back. Which is something that Prince Salman is very aware of and why the majority of his travels, including a recent visit to Las Vegas, were carefully guarded state secrets. In Vegas especially Salman likely thought himself secure, as he was staying in a hotel owned by a member of his own family, and used often by high ranking Saudi officials for both pleasure and secret business meetings. The member of this family who owned the hotel in question? Alwaleed bin Talal of course, and that’s where things start to get really interesting.

While the media focused endlessly on the fact the shooting occurred out of the Mandalay Bay hotel. It oddly never mentioned the fact the top 5 floors of the resort are in fact a completely separate entity from the Mandalay Bay, and operate as an exclusive private Four Seasons location. A hotel chain that Talal just happens to own an almost 50% share of. In fact at the time of the attack the entire floor of the Four Seasons in question was reserved for a full week period. A move that could likely only have been done by a member of the Saudi family, who have in the past even gone so far as to rent out an entire full sized Four Seasons hotel location in the United States.

With the Prince out of the country and in a location that Talal and his other co-conspirators likely felt they could control, a plot was soon formed to assassinate the young would be King. Using their many connections, the conspirators posed as Islamic radicals looking to buy weapons and likely fooled some branch of the U.S. intelligence community into arranging an arms deal. Their real plan however was simply to steal the weapons that the U.S. government had sneaked into the hotel, and head up a few flights of stairs where their real VIP target hopefully lay in wait. This is why there was such a large weapons cache on the 32nd floor to begin with. Paddock was there to sell arms not fire them, and the high floor was likely insisted upon by the “buyers” who had planned to take the weapons up just a few flights to where their real target was believed to be located. 

The room had far more guns and ammunition than one person could ever hope to fire into a crowd.

We already discussed previously the strong evidence for Paddock being some type of intelligence asset. Such as his lengthy official history of working for government agencies including both the IRS and Department of Defense. In fact, back in October we here at Squawker even filed a Freedom Of Information Act request for Paddock’s time at the DoD, but to date have received nothing back regarding the request.

Sadly the reason this failed assassination plot eventually led to the mass killing of innocent Americans all boils down to a simple large miscalculation made by the would be attackers. Which is that they were initially unaware the Crown Prince had actually opted to adopt a disguise earlier in the night and had made his way down to the nearby Tropicana hotel to play some cards. It would seem this fact was first realized by the U.S. intelligence community who once aware of what was really happening, quickly mobilized to clean up their seeming prior mistake. Starting with the armed guard extraction of the Prince from the Tropicana casino floor, an incident that was actually caught on video by a random bystander who was not fully aware of just what it was he was witnessing. 

Meanwhile the conspirators in the room with Paddock receive the news that Salman is no longer in the hotel, and that the planned attack is off. Knowing that both they and their employers are as good as dead if they are caught alive attempting to assassinate the Crown Prince. The assassins make the desperate rush decision to kill Paddock and open fire on the crowd in an effort to create the official story we all know so well by now.

This version of events also works to explain the mysteriously odd long lengths of time between firing bursts during the actual attack. As if the massacre had actually been pre-planned, Paddock would likely have had a number of magazines preloaded and needed only seconds in between firing. Instead the real murderer’s found that Paddock, expecting the weapons to be sold not fired, hadn’t loaded most of the magazines in the room. Thus forcing the actual shooters to waste precious seconds doing this themselves.

Further supporting this theory, is that it also explains why shots were fired at the fuel tankers at the nearby airport. If Paddock’s goal was truly just mass murder, these stray shots served no real purpose. If instead they were a result of the actual shooters attempting to cause an explosion, in an effort to help divert away police and other emergency services they than begin to make perfect sense.

Basic body build, skin color, and hairline all match.

It would be around this time that hotel security guard Campos likely first appeared at the door and was fired upon. The guard ironically alerted to a problem in the first place due to the fact all but one entrance to the floor had been barricaded shut. This done in advance to slow authorities once they arrived and hopefully give the conspirators time to fulfill their real mission a few floors above. Not long after Campos appeared on the scene however, the pair inside suddenly found themselves legitimately trapped as SWAT and other authorities also arrived. 

While it’s unclear whether the arrival of SWAT led to the shooter’s turning their guns on themselves, or were simply dropped by the entering police forces. Local authorities didn’t have much time to survey the scene either way as they were soon forcibly removed from the crime scene upon the arrival FBI personnel. It’s was this quick takeover by the FBI that had Vegas Sherriff Joe Lombardo admitting just days later he couldn’t comment on a possible motive as “the FBI took all digital and electronic evidence into custody.

While in America the biggest seeming consequence of the attack was merely just another predictable anti-gun legislation push from the usual Liberal suspects. In Saudi Arabia however, the failed assassination plot quickly led to the unprecedented mass arrests of all those involved. With just weeks after Vegas, a large number of Saudi royals, government officials, and businessmen including Talal himself all finding themselves behind bars on the authority of Crown Prince Salman. While the surprise arrests were publicly stated as being done on the basis of simply rooting out corruption. The unprecedented scale of them, along with the timing makes that highly unlikely indeed. To gain a better perspective of just how much of the royal family is now behind bars take a look at the following picture, and note Talal himself present in the front row. 

Also featured in the picture above is Mansour bin Muqrin Al Saud, the man who likely would have inherited the throne had Salman successfully been killed that night in Vegas. It is likely he was Talal’s main co-conspirator in the plot, evidenced by the fact he actually attempted to escape the country the night of the surprise government purge. Sadly we will likely never have final confirmation from any of those involved as to the truth behind any of this. Largely because Muqrin, the only conspirator not already locked away in a Saudi prison, died in a helicopter crash while trying to make his escape. To this day the Saudi government denies shooting down the helicopter, though that certainly seems more likely than just a freak accident given the circumstances and timing. 

Because those involved are now either dead or locked away, and it’s in the interests of both the U.S. and Saudi governments to not speak of the matter, we are left to fill in the gaps best that we can. Some key aspects are certainly up for debate, such as whether or not Paddock really was an intelligence asset or not. But in the end this changes little, as even if the man was simply a private arms dealer. The overall story remains the same, the only difference being that the American government simply was working just to stop an assassination plot, rather than also to clean up it’s own mistake.

Amazingly though, all of this is only the precursor to another even larger story. As these purges are just the start of a plan now underway between the Crown Prince and President Trump to clean out a den of thieves in both nations that have been pulling the strings behind the scenes for too long. But we shall save that story for another time.

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