Social Justice is an annoying trend that just won’t go away. It’s part of our lives now. It’s in what we watch, what we say, and even who we hang out with. Social Justice has become unavoidable, and even those who mock it are bound to face the ramifications.

This year, we heard about how more and more women are being accepted into combat roles. In the wake of the transgender ban, this came as great news to SJW’s. For the normal women out there, all we’ve wanted is the same opportunity; no lowering of standards, no special rules, just a chance. Unfortunately, standards have not only been lowered for women, but for anyone who’s willing to fight for our freedom although they may not be physically capable.

An anonymous letter was made public by someone who claims to be a Green Berets trainer. In the letter, he mentions several instances of favoritism, the lowering of standards, and how social justice is ruining our military.

This is a bold way to start out an introduction. He clearly has disdain for the new direction in which the military is moving.

He goes on to list a few things that were requirements that students had to meet in order to graduate each phase of the SFQC after getting selected.

Note that these were requirements. Apparently, it’s okay if you can’t actually do these things because if you fail, you can just try again as many times as you need to before you can finally get it right. On women serving as Green Berets, he said that regardless of his or anyone’s opinion, a universally accepted truth is that if women wish to join, they should meet the same standards in which the men had to meet. Why is this so politically incorrect? As he points out, most women who want to serve actually want to meet the same requirements. It shows them that they can do anything their fellow teammates can do. By lowering the standards, it almost delegitimizes them and makes them look like less valuable members.

If a student fails at anything during the phases, it’s no big deal! They can just try, try again. The author expresses is deep frustration as he continues the letter. 

The leadership says that there’s no reason someone couldn’t finish the Q course(because it’s so easy) but if someone were to fail, it wouldn’t be because they are incapable and need to find a different profession. No. It’s the instructor’s fault for pushing them too hard, yelling too loudly, or not doing everything they need to in order to accommodate every student’s wishes.

  He then moved into a section titled “Command Favortism”. In it, he cited several instances in which students got out of trouble, got to try phases again, and in some cases, completely avoided and punishment for breaking the rules. How is the military supposed to advance when students are being given special privileges just for knowing someone whose higher up?

 These are just a few of the instances which favoritism came into play. I highly subject you read the letter for yourself in its entirety, as it’s a big eye opener when it comes to what’s been going on in our military.

He ends the letter by warning those in leadership that the next generation of the military is doomed if requirements are not enforced and if disciplining your students only means you’ll get fired and moved to someplace else. “We will become a brotherhood of parasites,” he says. “Devoid of any real character, feeding off of the achievements those before us earned and consuming the heritage as a whole. We can cure it, but it needs to happen now. We need to take back ownership of our profession.”

Social Justice doesn’t have a place in this country, and it especially does not have a place in our military. Political correctness has torn this nation apart, and it’s trying to do the exact same thing to our brave men and women. We need to see and realize this destruction and put an end to it before it’s too late. Otherwise, we will end up with a military who can’t do what’s necessary in order to shield us from actual threats.