Regular readers of Squawker will have the basic understanding for the direction of this article, if you are new, check out Justin Danneman’s great article for a comprehensive review.

In the article’s featured image above, we can see a mass of objects hanging out in the Virgo constellation, obscured by a black box for some reason.

This is what the object looks like un-obscured. If you are wondering why you can’t see this in the Southwest facing sky at night, that is because this object is emitting light in the infrared spectrum, which the human eye can not process, but cameras can, like the ones that took these photos. 

You may even notice a particularly strange resemblance this heavenly body takes.

The fringes of the internet are buzzing about this cosmic event in late September. There is a surprising amount of synchronicity associated with it, as well as the August 21st solar eclipse.

 Will these cosmic events wreak havoc on our Earth, or are they just a symbol of the turbulent times we live in?

For instance, the red dragon symbolism in the Book of Revelation is often used when talking about September 23rd,2017 and this thing does look like a red dragon from a certain vantage point.

Others believe that this is another physical incarnation of Kek/Pepe.

Of course, we can see these bodies on the skyview website, if the coordinates are plugged in correctly and the infrared camera(IRAS) is selected.  Either Google is actively trying to hide these bodies from searches, or they’re having a glitch in the camera.

How do we know Google is to blame? Well, for one, both of these camera, Google Sky and Skyview, are run by NASA. It doesn’t make sense for them to obscure one camera or website and not the other. It appears Google either has problems with the camera, or they have a problem with us seeing what is in the Virgo constellation.

What are they trying to hide?

Well before talking about what let’s look at how.

It is possible there is a fake sun used in unison with chemtrails and a fake sky-screen created by meta-materials, invented by NASA. If you can believe it…

And I don’t blame if you you can’t, but if you think this sounds impossible, why has NASA patented an artificial star.

Notice the language in the abstract of the document, it isn’t limited in size. If they are hiding the real sun, could they be hiding the real moon as well?

Keep in mind the luminosity of the moon. How could it change so quickly? And yes, you are looking at webcam footage of the moon.

Does this look bright for a moon?

With all this in mind, it gives the Nirbiru watchers and Planet Xers a little credibility. Especially when we can see, or at least what seems to be, a projected image of a planet.

The dates that everyone are so excited about, might only be a precursor to the REAL Happening, on October 11th, 2017.


The Illuminati website described in the video above is creepy for sure and it may be nothing at all, but looking at the predictive programming throughout the past few decades and its effects on our society are hard to ignore.

Whose to say what is in store. Could it be a false-flag EMP attack launched by the Russians or USA and blamed on North Korea? A roll-out of Project Blue Beam technology on one or all of these dates, to fool the masses of a second coming?

Its hard to say, but with September 23rd rapidly approaching, it will be interesting to see what actually happens that day, if anything does.


See You In September