During a stop on the pairs multi-day worldwide press tour for their self declared biggest fight in combat sports history.  Conor received copious amounts of bad press when he yelled out at a shadow boxing Floyd Mayweather, “dance for my boy.”  A moment you can see for yourself here.

The outrage was swift in coming from the usual SJW twitter types. As they finally had the ammunition they had been waiting for, to use against Conor. 

Prominent Black Lives Matter Activist and self-described “Senior Justice Writer” for the New York Daily News Shaun King, who had already been pushing his mob to attack McGregor for awhile now was ready for the moment as well.

Image result for floyd mayweather seniorOne person who wasn’t outraged though was Floyd Mayweather Senior. Who stated he didn’t see anything racist in the comment.

“Racist? I don’t know what that got to do with race. This is a boxing match. I don’t know what that got to do with no racists.”

That didn’t stop the press from jumping on the story however with headlines like,

New York Post: McGregor-Mayweather got racial fast

The Root: Yes, Conor McGregor Is a Racist

People: Conor McGregor Sparks Outrage for Racist Taunt

Irish Time: Conor McGregor is everything we teach our sons not to be

UFC president Dana White has since gone on record calling out the media’s obsession with the MMA stars perceived racism.

“Let me put it this way. I’ve known Conor now for three, four years. I’ve spent a lot of time with him. There are people you hang around that you know are racist. You know it. Conor McGregor is not a racist, in my opinion. In no way shape or form do I think he was going out and trying to be a racist. I know the kid. He’s just not like that. He doesn’t treat people that way.

I knew the media would pick up on it. The media loves stuff like that. To you guys, that’s a home run. ‘Oh, he’s being racist,’ and this and that. These two are going to try and knock each other unconscious in 30 days. I don’t think there’s anything you can say that’s meaner than that.”

But with all this attention being put on the perceived transgressions of McGregor, why is the far worse offender getting a seemingly free pass?  While the media races to paint the Irishman a bigoted monster, it seems to have forgotten what it knew just two years ago when Mayweather was facing off against Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao.  That Floyd has a disturbing history of domestic violence.  A history so long I will not take time to outline it all here, but that involves multiple convictions for violence against women, and allegations of child abuse as well.  These allegations coming from multiple sources including ex girlfriend and mother of three of the mans children Josie Harris. 

Not only is Floyd “Money” Mayweather a convicted domestic abuser though, let us not forget he has at multiple times engaged in homophobic slurs the media would have eviscerated Conor for making as a white male.  Two years ago Huffington Post was writing open letters to people who still use Faggot as an insult, so why are they silent when one of the most prominent athletes on the planet is using it here in 2017?

Tomorrow night two of the greatest living fighters in the world will step in a ring together and at that moment nothing will matter less then the color of their skin.  So isn’t it sad that in the build up to this fight, not only has the media been obsessed with pushing a racial narrative. It has also clearly decided to do so at the obvious expense of the one fighter whose only real crime appears to be the fact he is a white man fighting a black one. 


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