In the aftermath of the Charlottesville rally, a number of things are happening. Our media and politicians are busy condemning the event as fast as they can. AntiFa and similar groups are showing us what actual domestic terrorists look like. But perhaps most terrifying of all, an online witch hunt is occurring targeting anyone who dared attempt to express the wrong politics in Virginia this weekend.

Led by infamous twitter SJW @YesYoureRacist, a campaign has started to publically out and shame everyone who attended the rally. This campaign is already busy celebrating its early successes including one poor man named Cole White, who was forced to resign from his job at a local hot dog restaurant in Berkeley.  Yes, that Berkeley, the former birthplace of the Free Speech Movement and these days one of the least safe places for free speech in America. Cole’s former employer even put up a sign stating, “The actions of those in Charlottesville are not supported by Top Dog”. Which is fine, but why would any rational minded individual assume one random employee attending an event meant the whole business supported it in the first place?

I don’t know Cole.  I do know he shouldn’t have had his right to serve people hot dogs removed because he opted to spend a weekend expressing his political beliefs right or wrong as they may be. Keep in mind no one in this campaign is accusing Cole of actual violence against anyone, his was a thought crime alone.



It can go beyond just losing one’s job even. Another man by the name of Peter Tefft has seemingly lost his entire family to the witch hunt.  As after being exposed, his father penned a letter to the local paper stating he and the rest of the family were disowning their son, and he would no longer be welcome at family gatherings.

In case you are wondering if these efforts are limited to just a small subsection of the more regressive elements. Understand these practices appear to be accepted and encouraged by almost the entire spectrum of the left. From the press, including infamous tentacle porn connoisseur and Newsweek/Vanity Fair writer Kurt Eichenwald.  


To A-list Hollywood celebs such as Jennifer Lawrence, who told her some 16 million Facebook followers to, “Look closely and post anyone you find.”  Captain America himself Chris Evans got in one the act as well, going on a twitter tirade over the last 48 hours ending in a pinned message stating, “if you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention”. Given that these two both just happen to be celebrities who have found themselves on the wrong end of the SJW firing lines before. I can’t help but wonder if they’re not just pandering extra hard here to make up for those past transgressions.

Regardless of your feelings on the people who attended the rally or their beliefs. These people were simply attending a political event and taking advantage of their American right to free expression. An event that was at its core, supposed to be centered around even just a protest against the planned removal of a historic statue that is still important to some people. Even if you find the statue or the people who defend it reprehensible, are we really OK with an America where expressing ones opinion over such matters is not acceptable?

I understand that as many have pointed out some of the imagery from the rally was potentially disturbing to millions of Americans.  Especially those now infamous shots of the torch march. These are the types of images that have mainstream America thinking a modern day public witch hunt is somehow acceptable. Which is why we should all take a moment and remember the problem with witch hunts. They tend to burn the innocent right along with the allegedly guilty.

Take the example of Kyle Quinn who works for the Engineering Research Center at the University of Arkansas, and who was wrongly identified as attending the event by these internet detectives. Just because a rally goer of similar shape and build happened to be wearing an Arkansas engineering T-shirt. The images below were all it took for the SJW internet army to jump into action.  


So Mr. Quinn, a man who runs a lab focused on potentially life saving wound healing research. Was made to wake up to a barrage of social media hatred, calling for his job at best and head at worst. His work place was contacted demanding he be fired, and his home address was posted on various social networks, with people encouraged to show up at his doorstep to harass him and his family. 

This man whose only crime was bearing a slight resemblance to another man, who also quite arguably committed no actual crime, was forced to leave his own home fearing for his life.  Regarding these events Mr. Quinn stated, “You have celebrities and hundreds of people doing no research online, not checking facts. I’ve dedicated my life to helping all people, trying to improve health care and train the next generation of scientists, and this is potentially throwing a wrench in that.”

Situations like the one that happened to Mr. Quinn are likely only to continue as long as sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon continue their hypocritical left biased policy enforcement. The practice of sharing personal information for the purposes being employed by the likes of @Yesyoureracist is known as doxxing, and is in clear violation of the official polices of all the above mentioned sites. In fact, many users on these sites who lean right and have participated in such acts themselves have been banned in the past year. However when @Yesyoureracist leads one of the most public doxxing campaigns in history. Neither Twitter nor Patreon, which he openly requests you send him money though to support his doxxing reign of terror, take action. 


Could you imagine the liberal outrage if Facebook banned Jennifer Lawrence for asking 16 million people to start tattling on their wrong-think neighbors?  If you really want proof of the insane levels of bias occurring inside the social media giants.  Take the fact that yesterday the person behind the @YesYoureracist account was the target of doxxing himself, when his personal information was tweeted out by a different account.  Twitter’s response to that you ask? An immediate deletion of the tweet, and permanent suspension of the guilty account.  So to be clear, if you attempt to dox an account who is running the largest single doxxing witch hunt ever on twitter, you will be banned, but twitter won’t ban the account running the actual ongoing doxxing campaign.  It’s hard to even make this stuff up, it sounds so ridiculous on paper.

Open calls like the one below to suppress free speech, should never be welcomed in America.

This witch hunt and others like it need to be stopped, if we want to preserve an America with diverse political thought and the right to express that thought.  If you want to help, please spread this article to friends and family. Better yet, why don’t you message and ask Twitter CEO @jack and Patreon CEO @jackconte why they aren’t removing these clearly terms violating accounts.

An Update To This Ongoing Story Can Be Found Here

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