Remember, remember, the 4th of November. Antifa is planning their own little Charlottesville, but you likely won’t hear about it in the mainstream media until the effects of the aftermath.

A few days ago, we were surprised to learn that… Okay, we honestly weren’t that surprised. Antifa has weapons. They know exactly what they’re doing.

We can also see the disgusting, non-American, views they hold to high regard: Communism. I had to actually go back with spell check to correct the word Communism. It isn’t an American value, it’s something we as a people always speak out against. Do I have to say it again? No one likes a commie. It’s almost better to be a Nazi.

If you visit the site, they tell us that Trump is acting just like Hitler and that we must resist everything. As we already know, they despise Fascism.

“Fascism advances in stages through outrage, shock and intimidation, followed by brief periods of normalization where people accommodate to the new situation the regime has imposed.”

Wow um… This kinda, sorta sounds like Antifa! Here, let me do a quick impression of a typical Anti Fascist. “I really hate Fascism! Booo! You fashy bastard! I want communism! I want to destroy the United States! Socialism doesn’t go far enough! I’ve got an idea! Let’s act like actual Fascists to get what we want, no one will even notice!”

If you think I’m joking about their love of Communism, watch that video I linked earlier in it’s entirety. If you’re still not convinced?

They have a whole constitution written by their hero Bob Avakian, the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

On November 4th, Anti Fascist members are expected to “take to the streets and public squares” demanding an “end to the nightmare” which is Trump and Pence.

I’m only going to touch on this briefly, but what Trump is doing isn’t Fascism. Congress barley allows him to breathe, any hint of fashy behavior wouldn’t be tolerated. When they complain about problems that don’t exist, to the extent they’re complaining, people on the other side start to let a fire burn inside them. A fire that will later become the force that guides them. Be careful what you wish for Antfa, you just might get it.