Alex Jones Vindicated About CIA Surveillance. Now Will the Frogs Turn Gay?


Alex Jones frogs

“Paranoid” is just becoming another word for being ahead of the curve. With their Vault 7 release, Wikileaks has helped to expose the CIA for what many have long deemed them — enemies of personal liberty. The lying media, which was unable to produce a single accurate prediction throughout the entire 2016 presidential election, has a history of trying to discredit alternative voices. They have long targeted figures like Alex Jones of Infowars, attempting to smear him as a quack and a lunatic, somebody concerned with conspiracies like chemtrails and reptilians, not real news. The MSM believes they are real news, and Alex Jones isn’t. He’s just a fringe commentator who attracted millions of followers with his madness.

But Jones may now be riding a wave of sweet vindication after one of his original conspiracy theories turned out to be true. No, it isn’t the one about putting chemicals in the water to turn the frogs gay.

The Vault 7 release reinforces a near decade old Infowars’ assertion: The CIA carries out deep state surveillance against the American people and violates privacy rights. Infowars also produced a video in 2014 claiming that Samsung televisions were compromised and that “Smart TV” could be easily hacked and used to track.

In the wake of the Vault 7 leaks, another rising star in alternative media, Stefan Molyneux, offered his support to the syndicated and now vindicated Alex Jones:

Jones offered a reply:

The depth of the rabbit hole is troubling. Less than one percent of Vault 7 has been published. Already, the documents illustrate a portrait of the surveillance state. Like what was shown in 1984. However, unlike Big Brother, the CIA apparently isn’t well-organized.

One of the most disturbing revelations in the Vault 7 leaks isn’t that the CIA possesses cyber weapons, but that they lost control of themWikileaks stated in their March 8th release:

Securing such ‘weapons’ is particularly difficult since the same people who develop and use them have the skills to exfiltrate copies without leaving traces — sometimes by using the very same ‘weapons’ against the organizations that contain them. There are substantial price incentives for government hackers and consultants to obtain copies since there is a global “vulnerability market” that will pay hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for copies of such ‘weapons’.”

Alex Jones
On March 5th, Alex Jones warned President Trump of a coup. A prediction that appears to be coming true.

The press release continues, “Once a single cyber ‘weapon’ is ‘loose’ it can spread around the world in seconds, to be used by peer states, cyber mafia and teenage hackers alike.” In other words, the American people have a lot more to be worried about than the CIA. “Peer states” et al. may have open access to a mine of personal data.

Now, thanks to a careless CIA, enemies of America may have their hands on highly confidential information that was passed around to, perhaps, thousands of people. The ham-handed doofuses of the CIA not only illegally stored and developed these dangerous cyber weapons, they also completely failed to contain them.

The CIA revelations are important so that Americans can respond and ensure their privacies are protected. Thanks to the heroic and enduring efforts of Wikileaks and their sources, the public is now aware of the predicament. When the people are informed of the CIA’s sinister inner-workings, they will take personal actions to roll back their influence.

On another note, now more than ever, invest in cyber security. The web-based security industry is about to see a boom, because the “paranoia” of yesteryear just became child’s play.

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