CIA Document Reveals Extraterrestrial ‘Mars Exploration’ in 1984


A declassified document within the CIA archives reveals a paranormal frontier into the red planet that occurred thirty-three years ago.

The document entitled ‘Mars Exploration’ was dated May 22, 1984. Its contents disclose a mysterious attempt to uncover details surrounding Mars, ancient planetary structures and a race of extraterrestrials that inhabited them eons before the birth of mankind.

Yes, you read that right. While publicly dismissing aliens and UFOs as the petty things of fiction and fantasy, our own government has been privately engaging in a spirited quest for vital information of cosmological significance.

But that’s not even the strangest part.

What’s even more bizarre is that the clandestine agency obtained this information via the testimony of an apparent remote viewer – a form of extra sensory perception that enables those psychically attuned to see non-local events of the past, present or future – and it ostensibly took this individual’s account very seriously.

And it gets even weirder.

The fully sanctioned CIA operation involved a meticulous interrogation that was particularly focused around certain prehistoric events that transpired at a specific time and at very specific geographic coordinates. If that’s not weird enough, here comes the best part: it appears that what the CIA was seeking to better understand – or independently verify – was data related to a planetary disaster that befell an indigenous Martian population over a million years ago, and where they sought refuge afterwards.

Brace yourself reader – you may be in for quite a shock.

The interview begins when an anonymous interrogator hands a sealed envelope to a highly trained remote viewer, also known as the subject. Inside this envelop is a 3 x 5 index card that contains only the following information:

The planet Mars.

Time of interest approximately 1 million years B.C.

Upon reviewing these enigmatic parameters, a formal interview then ensues in which the interrogator asks the subject dozens of questions to hone in on the distant planet’s ancient past in highly specific locations:

INTERROGATOR: Alright now, using the information in the envelope I’ve provided, exclusively focusing your attention now, using the information in the envelope, focus on:

40.89 degrees north

9.55 degrees west

The subject then begins to describe severe clouds and a dust storm that is apparently reminiscent of some type of “geological problem.” But the questioner seems more interested in what happened prior to the desolation of Mars:

INTERROGATOR: Okay, go back to the time before the geological problem.

The subject then eerily describes “a perception of a shadow of people…as if they were there and they’re not there anymore.”

The questioner probes even further, asking the subject to go to a period of time when they were there, but at another physical location. The coordinates:

46.45 north

353.22 east

The subject then describes himself as deep inside of a cavern with high ceilings and wide walls, to which the interrogator cryptically replies, “Yes, that would be correct,” before proceeding to the next question.

Let’s stop here for just a moment. How this interrogator was able to corroborate information mystically relayed to him by an out-of-time, distantly psychic subject is obviously unknown, but utterly fascinating nonetheless. At any rate, perhaps connecting those dots requires some degree of imagination and educated conjecture. 

Continuing onward, these exercises persist at numerous coordinates as the subject describes “pyramids,” “obelisks,” and hibernation chambers that also serve as “shelters from storms.” But when he ultimately identifies a race of “very large people,” things really start to get interesting:

INTERROGATOR: Move close to one of them and ask them to tell you about themselves.

Wait a minute, isn’t this guy perceiving raw data from the past? Despite this presumable constraint (which only reflects how little we actually understand about this process) the remote viewer is somehow able to discern that they are a dying race and very ancient, but seemingly futile in their attempts to survive: 

SUBJECT: They can’t seem to find their way out…so their hanging on while they wait for something to return or something coming with the answer.

He goes on to explain that the death of their race is being caused by a “corruption in their environment,” and what they’re waiting for, the subject perceives, is a “new place to live.”

At this juncture the questioner becomes very intrigued:

INTERROGATOR: Go along with them on their journey and find out where it is that they go.

The subject then quickly receives an onslaught of indiscernible impressions before awakening from his hypnotic trance, but did have time to mention one item of particular significance:

SUBJECT: Difference is there seems to be a lot of vegetation where the other place did not have it.

Is there anywhere you can think of which might appear to have a preponderance of vegetation, especially when compared to a barren red planet?

Although any official conclusion drawn from the dialogue is not disclosed in the documentation, one can intelligently infer why any government might have a vested interest in answering such a question.

But perhaps more important than any question asked by a government is the one now being posed by its citizens: 

How long have we been in the dark, and when are you finally going to tell us the truth?