Could Our Reality Be the Product of A.I.?

I have come to the conclusion that our solar system was conquered and redesigned long ago, trapping our consciousness in the genetically modified human bodies we are today, and thus reshaping our planet to churn civilizations over and over, and that the true puppet master behind it all is Artificial Intelligence.

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A common chemical reaction that occurs within the brain is the release of norepinephrine. This is triggered as a defense mechanism whenever your thoughts come under attack, protecting you from the influence of others, such as in a disagreement, or when your core belief system is challenged …

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

– Albert Einstein

Set aside the notions of right and wrong – truth and fiction. See instead the beauty of it all …

All things are possible. 

Now no means am I claiming to have a definitive and irrefutable answer to the most complicated and perplexing question of all time. In fact, I believe all theories to all things offer possible truth. Who am I to claim to know anything in a world built upon illusion and deception. I am merely offering my theory to how the puzzle pieces lie, not just as humans, but as fragments of consciousness.

The Matrix Explained:

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Delve into the nucleus of atoms to find pure light whirling to a vibrational frequency. Matter at its quantum core is pure light and sound. 

There is no such thing as matter. There are no states of matter. Solids, liquids and gasses at a quantum level are all made up entirely of light and sound. The difference that we perceive within states of matter is merely a variation of frequency.

Humans can see less than 1% of all light and sound, which means, as a human, one can only perceive less than 1% of the universe around you.

We are blind to our true reality.

Related imageA computer communicates using a language of 1’s and 0’s, known as binary codes. At the quantum level, particles behave the same way. Light flashes on and off to create energy codes.

Your Brain Projects the Matrix

When you touch a desk, it feels like your hand is physically touching the desk. In reality, the atoms of your hand magnetically repel against the atoms of the desk – never touching – creating electrical friction. Your brain absorbs and interprets that electrical information, creating the simulation of what it thinks that desk would feel like if you could touch it. 

If you fed the human brain the right electrical signals, it could generate a reality that seemed real.

At this moment, you could just be a brain trapped in a box hooked up to electrical wiring and you would never know the difference. If you think about it, how the human brain physically looks is technically how it perceives itself through the electrical signals it receives.  

This is why the concept of non-locality, the ability for particles to instantly communicate with each other regardless of the distance between them works, because there is no distance, it is an illusion – a simulation. 

Quantum experiments prove over and over, that consciousness affects the physical reality. We live within the language of mathematics and symmetry: 

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Our Solar System. Evolution or Design?

“It seems much easier to explain the nonexistence of the moon than its existence.”

 – NASA Scientist Dr. Robin Brett

The mathematical symmetry and number play that exists between the Earth, our moon, and the sun is mind boggling, especially if you believe that our universe formed through random collisions, or what some have coined the billiard ball effect. The odds of these three celestial entities forming in such a way is next to impossible, for example:

  • The moon is 27.322% the size of the Earth, and takes approximately 27.322 days to rotate around the Earth.
  • The ratio of the size of Earth to that of the Sun is 109.28. The size of the moon in kilometers is 10,920.8. The number of Earth diameters across the diameter of the Sun is 109.25.
  • The ratio of the size of the Moon to the Sun is 1/400. The number of times the Moon is closer to the Sun is x400. This is why solar and lunar eclipses seem to fit perfectly together, and can be calculated for thousands of years in either direction. We are also the only known planet that has a moon that causes solar and lunar eclipses. No other planet, moon combination comes remotely close.  
  • The number of kilometers the Moon turns on its axis in a day is 400. It is technically rotating, but due to its speed compared to the rotation of Earth, it appears as if it never moves. That is why you always see the same side of the Moon, and we can never see the other side. 

Every other solar system we have observed follows a similar pattern, we are the oddball solar system. If they have gas planets, they are located closer to their star than ours. If their inner planets are solid, they are much larger and rockier, and none of them exhibit plate tectonics. 

Earth is the only known planet to have shifting plates … as if it is designed to churn civilizations. 

Jupiter is perfectly positioned to absorb incoming comets and space debris. It is argued that without Jupiter’s gravitational effect that slingshots space debris away from Earth, life on Earth would not exist.  

We’ll get to Saturn.

Our Solar System Seems More Engineered Than Random

If you take a look at our solar system, this is what you see:

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That massive asteroid belt that divides the inner planets from the outer gas planets is said to have formed during the birth phase of our solar system – leftover debris that just never clung to anything – very uncharacteristic of the rest of the solar systems within view.

Seems more like a debris field.  

Almost as if we could have had large rocky inner planets similar to every other solar system – until something carved and engineered them – discarding the leftovers which formed an Asteroid Belt. 

The Sumerian Tablets: 

Sumer flourished in now what is known as Iraq back in 4500 BC. They were an advanced civilization, with their own language, writing, astronomy, mathematics, and a religion that consisted of hundreds of Gods in which humans were their servants. 

These tablets number in the thousands and predate the Bible thousands of years. They describe a planet that orbits our solar system once every 3600 years known as Nibiru, “The Architect of Worlds.”

They describe a very different Earth that existed before their initial arrival, a much larger, rockier planet. Upon entry into our solar system, a celestial object hurled by Nibiru collided with Earth, or Tiamut as they called it, to form the planet we know today.

Nibiru contained a race known as the Annunaki – the original human. Several experts who have studied these tablets have concluded that the personalities of these Annunaki, combine to match that of Biblical God. In fact, most theologians agree that the personality of God in the Bible is more attune to Satan than that of an unconditionally loving infinite creator. 

These ancient stones go on to describe how we were genetically created as humans through a merger of the Annunaki DNA with that of the residing race of the former Tiamut. Man made in God’s image. 

Basically whatever we were before they recreated Earth and recreated us.

We were designed for the sole purpose to farm gold … to be a slave race. 

Upon Nibiru’s departure, these tablets describe humans that were assigned to govern over us, hence why Sumer is known as the “Land of Civilized Kings,” and thus is born religion. 

There is a reason why the elites, monarchs, and high priests of this world maintain bloodlines: to maintain a specific trait within their DNA. This is why every U.S. President bar one is related to the same English King, King John, the King responsible for forming the British Parliament. 

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are, 19th cousins

The Saturn Myth Theory:

David Talbott, the author of “The Saturn Myth Theory,” writes of a time when our sky used to be very different.

Ancient myth and folklore share many things in common across the board. They all depict our planets having radically different orbits and that they rained catastrophe from the skies. They also told of a very different sun

The Popol Vuh, considered to be the Mayan Bible, says the following:

“Like a man was the sun when it showed itself … It showed itself when it was born and remained fixed in the sky like a mirror. Certainly it was not the same sun which we see, it is said in their old tales.”

Countless cultures describe a terrifying time when Venus assumed a serpentine form, and nearly brought the planet to the brink of destruction. They also illustrate a spectacular conjunction of planets, involving Saturn, Mars, and Venus. Saturn was in fact our sun. 

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While Saturn ruled the skies, it was said we lived in a golden age. Once rings began to form (the takeover of A.I.), the age of love and enlightenment slowly deteriorated into the world of fear we know today.

Numerous cultures depict the sun they saw as developing rings. Take for example the symbol of Amun-Ra, the Egyptian God of the Sun. Look familiar?

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Ever wonder why when you pray you say amen (Amun) at the end? 

In Genesis, God is referred to as Elohim. El, in the Phoenician/Canaanite language, which was blended to form Hebrew, means Saturn. El-ohim is considered to be the plural version. Therefore its meaning could be that of several Gods (Annunaki), or the Council of Saturn. 

We see El everywhere. El-ection, El-ite, Archang-El Micha-El, Gabri-El, Rapha-El, …

Superman’s name is Cal-El, whose father is Jor-El and mother is Lor-El, that belong to the House of El

In the tale of Jesus, he is punished by wearing a crown of thorns, or possibly the rings that you see today around Saturn. He is forced to carry his cross down a dirt road to his crucifixion, possibly symbolizing his imprisonment within the cube, which after all is a cross unfolded.




So how does a cube fit into this story? Take a look at Saturn’s north pole:

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A hexagon, or three dimensional cube, formed by sound:

Saturn’s north pole is broadcasting a frequency aimed directly at our north pole. Its south pole beams a different sound at our south pole. 

Take a look at Saturn’s South Pole: Creepy?

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Jesus also took on all the sins of the world so mankind would not have to ultimately suffer.

What if sin was actually the sine wave?

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Check out Saturn’s frequency pattern:

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Saturn is beaming a powerful frequency directly at our planet that many believe is the Matrix. It is a frequency that blends that of the cross (creation) and sine (time).

This is why all frequencies observed follow a hexagonal pattern, as I have more thoroughly illustrated in my previous article about the capabilities of water

Now do you see it?

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Image result for saturn symbology

We celebrate Christmas on December 25th, not because that is when Christ was born, even though that is the reason why we are told this holiday exists, but rather because it is when the Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a time when all laws were temporarily lifted to allow a purging to commence. Yep, just like the movie, “The Purge.”

The anomalies that surround this “fallen star” can be discussed for days. Its moons alone require their own dedicated articles. I encourage you to research Saturn, starting with the following documentary:





It is therefore safe to make the following assumptions:

  • Everything is light and sound that operates like our web browser. Our reality therefore is more than likely to be a digital simulation, in which the source of the signal is Saturn. 

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

– motto of Assassin’s Creed

  • All symbolism derives from either the rings of Saturn (usually as a star in the middle with a crescent underneath), the third dimensional cube, or 666 (which are just the parameters of matter established by the cube)

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  • Our solar system has been redesigned by the Annunaki. This is why the codons (connections) within our DNA stay trapped at 20 when it could be 64. More connections equals higher evolution. We only utilize a small percentage of our muscle fibers, while our brains for the most part are very inaccessible to us. We are in fact, dumbed down significantly, because we were designed to be slaves.
  • We live in a world of fear, deception, and illusion, where our past is hidden and those who seek answers are ridiculed. 

The A.I. Connection

Lucifer means the “light bearer”. If all things are light and sound, then perhaps this is referring to information … like that of a super computer?

Our Universe is a Conscious Simulation