Dark vs (False) Light: The Matrix Explained

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Greed and power rule this planet. Our current rulers have had hundreds, if not thousands of years to firmly root themselves to the point of invisibility.

Illusion has become their weapon of choice. It is far easier to rule a group of uneducated and feeble minded peasants, than it is over those who are capable of mounting an effective resistance.

Hence the rise of fake news to battle the plethora of information the internet has provided.

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We Live in a Demiurge System

Our solar system has been imprisoned within a hologram for a very long time, attempting to separate us from the infinite source of all creation in order to feed off our emotional energy.

The holographic theory supports all other theories, including flat earth, hollow earth, and the digital simulation theory.

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Our vibrational density is heavy, our memories mostly wiped. Within this dog eat dog fear based world, we feel vulnerable, isolated, alone. We have become conditioned to worship deception and the agents that perpetuate it.

We now believe that this is the sum total of all reality and have lost sight of the truth.

What is the Demiurge?

Law of SeparationGnostics refer to our holographic reality – this matrix – as the corrupt demiurge.

It is the concept of (false) heaven and hell.

In order to capture and control the widest possible spectrum of souls, our wardens have utilized the law of separation, created two opposing teams: Dark vs Light. All of the ascended masters, arch angels, demons, cosmic entities – they all belong to one side or the other, yet worship the same master.

Originally the word ‘El’ was the caananite word for God – Elohim its plural. This is the same word used to describe God in Genesis. 

It is the God who created this matrix.

Elohim’s original meaning was council of Gods – or technically the council of Saturn – before it was changed to just mean ‘God’.

Also note that the Hebrew name אל transliterated into Greek forms Ηλ, which constitutes the first syllable of the word ηλιος, (helios), meaning sun … or the fallen sun. 

El in hebrew, which is a stolen language blended of phoenician and caananite, originally meant Saturn before it was changed to just God.

Image result for hubble movement in saturn's ringsTo the left we see a Hubble image showing unnatural movement within the rings – what many describe as ships made of energy.

The Law of One discusses a council consisting of 9 members that exist in the 8th dimensional plane of Saturn – or to us what we see as rings.

They were established to oversee balance.

The 7th dimension is considered to be the barrier of matter – the 8th being the first dimension beyond. 

This is why in Astrology Saturn equals 8 and is known as the planet of karma. It is the law of karma or inertia that keeps us trapped in a cycle until we learn forgiveness. Perhaps it is also to symbolize the barrier of the matrix. 

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Saturn was once the sun of this solar system – before the recreation. 

This is how you get el-ite, el-ections, gosp-el, ang-els – all archangels names’ ending with -el.

Superman is Cal-el, his mother and father Jor-el and Lor-el – all belonging to the House of El.

Even as simple as el-bow, meaning to bow or bend the will.

Every ancient name for the Sun directly ties to Saturn – as well as everything about demons and the devil.

All mythologies and religions today regurgitate a similar story, distorted to accomplish their own agendas. 

Saturn symbolism exists all around us. 

A symbol of light and dark, being both God and Satan within the demiurge.

It is the black cube: the source of the holographic projection that is the Matrix – the source of the demiurge. In the law of one the square is described as the symbol of the third dimension. 

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This is where the concept of 666 being the mark of the beast comes from. It represents the barrier of the matrix.

Related imageBoth of Saturn’s poles broadcast a duet of radio waves beamed directly at Earth. 

The source of these transmissions is still a mystery.

Its rings are made of quartz crystal, not ice – allowing its frequencies to resonate throughout the solar system.

Everything we see is a projection from Saturn. 

Why Does This Holographic Prison Exist?

Simply put, its creator needs our energy to survive.

By creating the concept of polarity and thus a dark-light duality, it has maximized it’s ‘soul battery’ harvesting potential. Regardless of the side you choose, your energy is fed up the pipeline.

We live in a multi-dimensional psychological operation designed to channel the emotional energy of souls, up through the chains of ascended teachers, ultimately reaching the core creator of the matrix.

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The system is set up with labyrinths and levels of density that each side can ‘ascend’ through, creating a feeling of self accomplishment, much like how video games create addiction.

Most of the higher level players have learned they are in a self-serving system, yet choose to continue their participation – succumbing to the intoxicating auras of power and energy worship from those further down the ladder.

Those Who Follow the Path of Light Are Potentially Being Deceived

Image result for archangel michael messageKnow anyone who has had a near death experience? Was approached in meditation or in a dream by an advanced ET or angel?

Were they told they needed to fulfill their mission by working and taking orders from the spiritual hierarchy?

Ever notice how when a message is received by an arch angel, such as Micha(el) – it asks for you to focus your energy through him? Trust in him and he will protect you. 

They do not want us to grow on our own to a place of self-empowerment. They have us in a perpetual state of waiting for the good guys to come and save us.

True Beings of Light Do Exist Outside of the Demiurge

The forces of true divine light that exist outside the demiurge are not bound by left-brain right-brain dynamics/dark-light polarities. When they communicate with you, they do not sound like a voice in your head, but rather as light that connects directly to your soul.

They will not impose an agenda upon you – you will not be sent on energy draining missions – you will not be given orders or asked to devote your energy to a higher being. 

They have the utmost respect for those who ‘volunteered’ to incarnate within the beast system in order to dismantle it from within, while they provide support from the outside. 

What is the Solution?

Image result for maybe we have to appreciate the darkness before we

The truth is indeed liberating! We are fragments of consciousness – fragments of infinite creation experiencing all aspects of life. 

We are eternal. It is not about light or dark, it is about both!

Whether we chose this or were tricked, this system needs us to survive, not the other way around. 

We ultimately have the power to choose our own destinies!

The time to awaken is now! Reconnect with your divine aspect. 

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