Fake ‘Anonymous’ Group Claims NASA Will Announce Alien Life


On June 20, Anonymous Global released a 12 minute video under the false pretense that the hacktivist collective had infiltrated NASA, subsequently learning that an imminent disclosure about alien life was scheduled to be announced.

News of such a profound revelation promptly sent shock-waves throughout the reporting community, and the story has been picked up by The Sun, The Inquisitr and Mirror, among many others as of Sunday afternoon.

Wow, the time may have finally come to bust out that champagne bottle and kick off humanity’s epic celebration of its true place in the cosmos!

Except there’s just one small problem: NASA wasn’t hacked, and Anonymous Global isn’t Anonymous.

That’s right. This breaking news flash, urgently recycled and regurgitated throughout many respected realms of cyberspace, is based entirely on a bogus claim from an opportunistic Youtuber that has shamelessly commercialized the likeness of Anonymous – the true heroes of hacktivism.

But what’s even worse is that no one even seemed to notice.

In fact, everything that Anonymous Global “reveals” is actually based on public information. That is to say, the extent of this supposed ‘NASA hack’ is limited to openly accessible, non-classified data that anyone can find simply by browsing the web.

But for those who are curious, the primary evidence cited is a statement made by Professor Thomas Zurbuchen during a congressional committee hearing on American Science, Space and Technology. As the associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Professor Zurbuchen stated the following on record:

“Taking into account all of the different activities and missions that are specifically searching for evidence of alien life, we are on the verge of making one of the most profound, unprecedented, discoveries in history.”

That’s it.

The ‘inside scoop’ that Anonymous Global used to get scores of undeserved attention was basically inspired by an obscure statement uttered by a boring NASA bureaucrat on public record. 

At any rate, given that this latest “disclosure” actually stems from a mere Youtube video whose authority is clearly in question, there are two possibilities to explain why the story has continued to generate massive traction across the web:

  1. Each media outlet has uniquely made a highly embarrassing error of fact-checking oversight
  2. The collective media knows the source is bogus, but wanted an excuse to run the story anyway

The first possibility may be the most likely, but the second does raise some important questions that warrant a deeper dive and the likely subject of a follow-up column.

Whatever you choose to believe, remember that there are in fact an increasing number of credible insiders who all claim that there is a mass disclosure agenda in the imminent future, and that it does involve the subject of extraterrestrials.

Time will certainly tell, but until that day comes, please take any Earth-shattering revelations from Anonymous Global with a gargantuan grain of salt.