INSIDER: 10 Secret Reasons the U.S. is About to Experience Horrifying Collapse by 2018


This article is Part I in a series discussing the revelations of a top military insider who recently blew the whistle regarding an inevitable and planned global nuclear conflict designed to bring down the United States and create a One World Government in 2018.

Although the insider remains anonymous, what can be revealed is that he was a former high-ranking NATO military official. His alias and Twitter handle will be unveiled to readers in the final article of this series. For now, see below for a list of unsettling indicators that are likely unknown to the general public. Disclaimer: the following information has not been independently verified, and is directly attributable to this particular individual’s apparent inside knowledge.

The reader is free to take this list seriously or dismiss it completely as they so choose:

10) The Fukushima disaster is being covered up

Cancer rates on the West Coast have increased 4000% as a result of the radioactive materials which have reached unimaginable levels. Further, collapsing fish stocks is leading to food shortages in Japan and now on the West Coast, which is not being reported. 

9) The US job market is in the tank, as are wages 

People can barely pay rent or afford food, and this even factors in the programs of government assistance. The media will not cover this truthfully, but most Americans are poorer now than ever before.

8) The bottom of US real estate market is about to drop out

Foreign investment is drying up, and home prices will soon become stagnant. The Fed will raise rates, and this will contribute to a significant uptick in foreclosures later this year.

7) Mental illness is skyrocketing, as is the legal drugging of US citizens with FDA-approved SSRI poisons

This has resulted in a drastic decline in worker productivity. Over the past year, there has been a surged increase in layoffs and firings. Too many people are not working, and many are staying home or living with their parents.

6) The Autism rate, caused by vaccines, has gone under-reported

Nearly 60% of US newborn children will soon fall under the Autism spectrum due to these forced inoculations.

5) Local county and city municipalities have been broke for 8 years

These sectors have been receiving secret fund infusions directly from the Treasury through an illegal program that completely bypasses Congress. To date, over $12 trillion has been passed on and printed out of thin air, but this has never been officially reported.

4) For over 5 years, 99% of major US companies have been cooking their books and misreporting profits

This was apparently executed through a secret SEC initiative that lays out a coming war and collapse, and almost every US company was ordered to comply as a matter of national security. As a result, the entire stock market is a “rigged phony casino game.”

3) The US is 100% BROKE and insolvent

China and Russia are also quietly teetering on collapse. It’s a matter of who cries wolf first between BRICS, the US government and bond holders. Everyone is essentially playing a game of chicken on the global stage, wondering who will be the first to crack. Further, the top 5 banks’ balance sheets now show unfunded liabilities and credit default swaps of $225 trillion.

2) The elites are SCRAMBLING to prepare evacuation travel plans

The wealthy have been carefully preparing their finances and purchasing offshore property. The inside word is that those in the know are “going to bail no later than October of this year.” The entire top leadership in the US government and Fortune 500 will take an ‘extended vacation’ around this time.

1) China is poised to fill in the gap when the US crumbles 

The elites have chosen China as the next world power, and the war in 2018 will be the final death knell of the US republic.

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