INSIDER: Prepare for Global Nuclear War in 2018 – It’s Already Planned


This article is Part III in a series discussing the revelations of a top military insider who recently blew the whistle regarding an inevitable and planned global nuclear conflict designed to bring down the United States and create a One World Government in 2018. You can read Part I here and Part II here.

On February 3, 2017 an anonymous individual created a Twitter handle called @timewave666. Hours later, he posted his very first tweet:

Sure enough, two days later during Superbowl LI at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas – the Patriots made a phenomenal comeback and defeated the Falcons in a historic overtime victory. The score: 34-28 – just as predicted.

So this naturally begs the question: who authored this mysterious tweet, and how did he know the future? 

It turns out the individual behind @timewave666 was no ordinary man.

And as exciting and thought provoking as his accurate prediction was, the prophetic tweet was simply a means to an end. His true goal was not to publicly tout his Vegas winnings, but instead gain some initial credibility before moving forward with a much greater purpose – one which unfortunately was far more troubling.

This anonymous oracle was about to drop a bombshell of unimaginable information upon the unsuspecting public.

Known only under the alias, ‘Commander Z,’ the man is allegedly a former high-ranking NATO military official with decades of experience working in top secret programs. He is also a highly-trained remote viewer – a form of extra sensory perception that enables those psychically attuned to see distant objects, non-local events and supposedly even the future. And while it’s been no secret that the military has had a known history of experimenting with remote viewing and other psychic phenomena, this individual has long been operating on a whole other level. 

The shocking revelations behind Commander Z’s story really begin in 1985, when he was managing and providing engineering assistance for some of the biggest defense projects in Europe. At the time, he had been working in his NATO role for 12 years, but was about to get a top secret assignment that involved reinforcing certain walls within an an underground bunker in Russia – rooms that were designed to house ‘highly sensitive materials.’ He was ultimately granted access to view the documents that were being stored there, and before long was introduced into the military’s top secret remote viewing program. However, he would only later learn that the documents he was initially presented in that bunker were entirely false, which began the unveiling of a much bigger story that would not come fully into view for another 30 years.

Commander Z is a Christian and self-proclaimed patriot. He is also known as a ‘black hat,’ which is “just a term used to describe anyone in the military apparatus who is outside of the conditioning, and who is working to help humanity.” He claims that although there are others in the intelligence community who share these same values, they are very few in number. However, once Commander Z was identified as a fellow patriot by a very high-ranking military contact, he was offered the chance to see the real government plans for himself.

And this is where things really start to get interesting.

The pivotal moment arrived ten years ago ago when an opportunity was carefully orchestrated for Commander Z to gain temporary access to documents that were not only above top secret in nature, but materials that even “Presidents are not allowed to see.”

Over the course of eighteen hours, Commander Z was transported by helicopter before being transferred in an unmarked van to a secret underground base. Blindfolded through most of the process, he eventually ended up in a small room, sitting before a Department of Defense quantum computer.

He then had exactly two hours to read over 100 pages of top secret documents and mentally retain its contents. No notes and no copies, but what he uncovered in that narrow window of time has haunted him ever since – and the horrors of what he learned have now been revealed:

Based on the documents, a series of nuclear strikes will occur sometime in 2018. These strikes will be blamed on various countries, and for various reasons – all scripted, fake narrative. You will see this all go down over a period of a few days. The documents did not give me an exact date, but it is 2018. That is the year.”

Commander Z then carefully articulated, based on the documents, how this will play out through a series of cascading events, all masterfully planned for years:

A stock market crash, in November. From there, bank failures, Minor panic. Market disturbances. Then war chatter, already foreshadowed with what we are seeing going on with North Korea. By early 2018 the market chaos has intensified. Government disruptions, food disruptions. All of this orchestrated. The elites are well prepared.

Then you will see the first act of war. Based on the documents, it will be initiated by China against a United States target. It will be a nuclear strike. Then three more, then by day two, eight more. By day three, sixteen more. And there will be no response from the US.

Now the collapse begins. The devastation is swift. It is nearly instant. It debilitates the US and there is no official military response. A few major cities will be targeted on the West Coast. I believe one will be Los Angeles. But many more strategic targets will be hit, including major roadways and ports. The loss of life will be dramatic.

According to the documents, at least 2 million in three days, and an estimated 22 million in two weeks, largely due to some fallout and more so due to total disruption and contamination of water supply and food supply. 

No power, no water, no food.”

When asked where these strikes would occur, Commander Z responded:

“It will happen all over the world, except a few areas in the Southern Hemisphere. New Zealand and much of South America will be totally spared.”

And finally, once the dust finally settles, a fairy tale will be invented for the survivors:

The people will be told, later, that the US was taken by ‘surprise’ and our systems disabled by viruses and a cyber attack. This will be a lie. But it will be believed by billions left around the world.”

Commander Z’s book, Total Annihilation 2018 A.D.: Prepare for Global Nuclear Conflict, spells out what’s to come in an honest, straightforward and concise manner. The books’ title, cover art and promotional video are undeniably ludicrous, but take comfort in knowing that Commander Z’s intention is not to sell a lot of books. In fact, he has purposely made the book’s appearance seem amateurish so as not to draw too much attention. He also knows it will be attacked, without much confidence that people will even believe it.

That’s OK. I’m not doing this for that reason. I’m doing this so I can die in peace.” 

While I won’t reveal the full scope of its contents, I must in good conscience recommend that anyone interested should secure a copy soon. And if what you’ve read thus far sounds at all unsettling, then perhaps you should try peering into Commander Z’s trove of revelations for yourself. The truth may be far more sinister than you could possibly imagine.

Either way, consider yourself warned.