INSIDER: Trump Can’t Stop Bank Failures Coming in November of 2017


This article is Part II in a series discussing the revelations of a top military insider who recently blew the whistle regarding an inevitable and planned global nuclear conflict designed to bring down the United States and create a One World Government in 2018. You can read Part I here.

Although the insider remains anonymous, what can be revealed is that he was a former high-ranking NATO military official. His alias and Twitter handle will be unveiled to readers in the third and final article of this series.

What this individual has described in disturbing detail are the alleged plans of the hidden world leaders, which he came to learn after gaining illegal access to a trove of ultra top secret documents. These documents, according to the whistle-blower, were materials that even “Presidents are not allowed to see.”

The full story goes back about thirty years, which will be discussed in depth in the final article, but the critical turning point occurred when this man was identified as a fellow patriot by “very, very high level intelligence contacts.” Apparently, this badge of honor earned him the focal albeit brief opportunity to get temporarily “read in” by his contact.

But this breaking of protocol – and the law – would require a process that was not only meticulously orchestrated, but highly dangerous.

For starters, it required an eighteen hour commute to a secret underground base, transported by helicopter and via an unmarked van while blindfolded. It also necessitated about “five people working in and outside the base to arrange it, and all of these men are Patriots of this country.”

But when he finally arrived at his destination, the man removed the blindfold and found himself sitting in a small room before a Department of Defense quantum computer.

That’s right – this was supposedly a ‘quantum computer.’ And how does it work?

The interface is similar to a Windows style laptop, but there are many differences, including a high resolution screen and prompts that respond to your thoughts.” 

The man then had exactly two hours to read over 100 pages of top secret documents and mentally retain its contents. No notes and no copies, but what he uncovered in that narrow window of time has haunted him ever since.

The documents essentially revealed an agenda over the following ten years to engineer a series of cataclysmic events – all planned in advance – that would ultimately result in a One World Government and the outright enslavement of humanity. And it turns out that the first event is economic. 

By the way – the rabbit hole goes far, far deeper than this.

Some of it is almost impossible to believe, but the reader will have every opportunity to continue onward – if they feel so inclined once that information is later presented. Until then, here is the man’s timely warning regarding the first trigger event set to transpire upon the world stage:

Watch for an economic event around November of 2017. They have been planning this for ten years. It is all planned. Trump can’t stop it. The event will involve the stock market and a few bank failures. Again, it’s by design, and in may ways the banks will not fail, but rather receive a bail-in.”

A bail-in? What’s that?

Most of us are quite familiar with the term ‘bail out,’ but what exactly is the opposite? Well, here’s the short version: trusty banks grabbing its depositor’s own cash in a desperate attempt to avoid total insolvency.

While this may sound like total nonsense, the fact is that this trepidation about ‘bail-ins’ has certainly been warned about before.

For example, James Rickards is an astute financial commentator and The New York Times bestselling author of The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis. In his book, Rickards compares the international monetary system to snowfall rapidly gathering on top of a mountain: anyone can see there’s an avalanche coming, but no one knows when that single snowflake will invariable land and trigger the collapse. But this trigger, according to Rickards, will likely be a sudden bank failure, followed by the dreaded bail-in:

In a bail-in, the government says, ‘No, we’re not going to help you. We’re not going to use government money. We’re not going to use central bank money. We’re going to take the money that’s in the bank and convert it to equity in the bad bank.'”

Hmmm…this sounds eerily familiar to our whistle-blower’s earlier prediction, so is it possible there is a connection there? 

Is this anonymous insider indeed a noble patriot who is courageously performing his duty to prepare the small population of attentive and awakened humanity?

Watch for an economic event around November of 2017.

Time will tell soon enough.

You can read Part III here.