Pizzagate, the Finders, Laura Silsby, David Seaman


The Claim:

A Reddit phenomenon called “Pizzagate” surfaced in October-November, 2016. The Pizzagate thread on Reddit was shut down, but the conversation has dispersed to other websites. Pizzagate assumes that a pizza shop called “Comet Ping Pong” is a hub for a massive child trafficking operation inside of the United States, involving people at the top of the U.S. government.

The Verdict:

Editor’s Note: This is a general overview of Pizzagate and does not cover all details of the case.

Pizzagate became a major topic of discussion just before the election, when independent researchers identified a code language contained inside John Podesta’s emails, which were posted to Wikileaks. Some of the emails made bizarre references to “pizza,” “hot dogs,” and “cheese,” that seemed to stand for other words. For example, one email says the following:

Researchers hypothesized the language is similar to street terminology for child sex trafficking. But the connection is soft at best, and a bit tacky at worst. The “code” from the Podesta emails is among the weakest evidence pointing to a conspiracy. The terms used in emails, however, are not the most disturbing thing about Pizzagate. There is another horrifying facet that takes us deeper into a rabbit hole. John Podesta mentions, in 11 of his emails, a small pizzeria named Comet Ping Pong. And this is where the story becomes truly graphic…

Pizzagate received its official name after Comet Ping Pong Pizza and its owner, James Alefantis, were identified in the Wikileaks. Extremely disturbing photographs were obtained off of Alefantis’ Instagram, some of them displayed soft pornography, while others showed pictures of children. One picture showed a little girl with her arms taped to a table, which looks more like child abuse than a joke. Another Instagram post displayed Alefantis calling a child a “hotard,” which is a term that combines “retard” and “ho.”

After the photos were exposed, researchers began investigating Alefantis himself. They found he was once ranked as the 49th most powerful person in Washington D.C. He made the list above most senators and congressional representatives, over lobbyists and non-profits leaders, think tank heads, and diplomats. One might wonder why the owner of a pizza shop is ranked in a power-players list alongside Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, and former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke. Interestingly, John Podesta’s brother, Tony, also made the list, coming in a #23.

Clearly, Alefantis is not your typical pizzeria owner. He’s powerful, a D.C. insider, and one with tremendous influence. White House logs show that Alefantis visited the White House 5 times, once in the middle of the night, and once directly with Barack Obama (who he would later host at one of his pizza parties). An audience with the president is extremely difficult for the most powerful people in the government to receive. General Michael Flynn, who served in two major intelligence roles under Obama, never was granted a face-to-face meeting with Obama.1 How on earth is a pizza shop owner getting a private meeting with the president?

Researchers also discovered unsettling details about the proximity of Comet Ping Pong to other suspicious businesses. Former Huffington Post writer David Seaman, who was fired from HuffPost for his columns on Hillary’s health, was among the first to point out that local businesses “Terasol” and “Besta Pizza” featured pedophile symbols as a part of their logos. These two businesses are a few hundred feet away from Comet Ping Pong. Seaman also noted that a Clinton-funded Haiti children’s program called “Beyond Borders” is located across the street from Comet Ping Pong. The Clintons were heavily involved in the Haiti reconstruction after the 2010 earthquake through fundraising. However, they’ve been criticized by the government of Haiti for pocketing the money donated to recovery efforts. Hillary was also heavily criticized for her role in the 2010 case involving Laura Silsby, who abducted 33 children from Haiti and tried to take them to Dominican Republic. Wikileaks revealed that Silsby’s group, New Life Children’s Refuge, was in contact with Hillary Clinton at the State Department before the abduction.

Pedophilia rings are not uncommon. Many countries throughout the world have carried out busts of highly organized trafficking rings, most recently in Norway and Great Britain. The people involved in these rings are high-ranking politicians, celebrities, and distinguished athletes. For example, consider the case of Annie Ivy Lee Aviado, a Canadian girl who was abducted in 2004. Members of her family alleged that Annie’s abduction was covered up by the government, that the highest political offices, including the Attorney General of Ontario and police chiefs, were involved. While somebody may be quick to dismiss PizzaGate as a conspiracy or “fake news,” one should not dismiss the truth: trafficking rings exist and powerful agencies are involved.

This fact check of Pizzagate is not meant to be a comprehensive overview, but to validate that evidence exists to support the claim that a child trafficking ring exist inside of the United States. Allegations have surfaced about Jeffrey Epstein and the Lolita Express airplane service, Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, and others who allegedly took several flights on Epstein’s plane. The MSM has covered these rings for years, but have defended Comet Ping Pong against allegations.

One interesting allegation was put forth by Youtube researcher C. Ervana, who linked the Pizzagate theory to a 1987 case involving a cult organization called “The Finders.” Ervana stated that Comet Ping Pong and the businesses in the area of Bethesda are located just a couple of miles away from where police raided headquarters of the Finders. This cult partook in child trafficking, was thought to have lived underground, and operated several businesses in the Washington D.C. area that were believed to have been connected by tunnels.

Other researchers hurled an assortment of allegations at John and Tony Podesta and their connection to James Alefantis. It is well-known that Tony is a close personal friend of the pizza shop owner, that he has a taste for unusual art pieces featuring scary portraits of children, and that he was a part of numerous “pizza parties” according to the Wikileaks.

One of the best fact checks of Pizzagate was carried out by Ben Swann of CBS news, who dealt with the allegations in an honest and professional way. Like, Swann also came to the conclusion that a consensus answer cannot be achieved about “Pizzagate.” At this time, there are too many questions and not enough answers. Once we have answers, is prepared to move the verdict from “mixture” to “likely true.”

1 Pollack, Richard. “BOMBSHELL: Obama Never Once Met With His Defense Intelligence Chief.” The Daily Caller. 12, July, 2016