It is hard to believe that a group like ISIS, who interprets the Quran so perfectly that Mohammed himself would no doubt be proud, has not yet made any serious attacks on Israel. Squawker penned an article not too long about the situation in Syria. After investigating the brouhaha that led to a US warplane shooting down Syrian aircraft, it seems plausible that the rebels and ISIS are the same group. This may seem a little far-fetched, but there is a literal mountain of evidence that towers up, and when you start to pull the thread, it unwinds until a cavalcade of facts comes crashing down.

These articles aren’t exactly “Anti-Semitic” either.

Why would you want a hostile terrorist group like ISIS next door?


From the camel’s mouth…

Its hard to believe that a group like ISIS, which takes the Quran to heart, wouldn’t attack their worst enemy- the Jews




In fact, reports indicate that “moderate Syrian rebels” seek assistance from Israel in medical services and even supplies. Considering the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” strategy, it does appear that Israel has many common enemies with ISIS and them fact they are so eager and willing to offer assistance to ISIS and similar groups, it begs the question if there isn’t more going on there.


Is Debbie Washingmachine-Schultz representing your best interests?

Even our government is not innocent in this regard. Arming rebels to overthrow elected officials in other countries for our benefit is nothing shocking or new. The USA’s efforts in supporting ISIS are very similar to that of Israel’s; it is no coincidence that our foreign policy initiatives seem to overlap either, especially looking at the number of Israeli citizens in the US government.

Even Obummer said it himself, “We’re speeding up training of ISIL forces.”

Why take out a secular leader who defends ethnic and religious minorities?

What is the point of supporting and training a tyrannical group that is so antithetical to “Western Democratic Values?”  One would think that our government would respect the rights of other countries and their citizens to elect their own leaders. Taking on this burden is not conducive to good international relations or even the very perspective of a nation’s citizens. How can we trust our government if they are funding and arming ruthless terrorists?


Taking the above into consideration, it isn’t a surprise at just how many government officials are dual citizens of Israel. Where do these politicians and bureaucrats loyalty lie? Is it with the USA or with Israel?
Facta Non-Verba, deeds not words, are certainly more telling of someone’s intentions. Politicians with silver tongues might sound nice, but their actions never reflect reality.

Looking at a group like ISIS, one would think Israel would be their #1 target (barring a few other regions, but Israel is closest). It doesn’t appear to be, in fact it maybe a Zionist puppet; maybe ISIS is just too busy clearing the way for Greater Israel?