Operation Black Sky: NOT a False Flag Event, But …

With the recent announcement of Operation Black Sky in which FEMA, the Dept. of Energy and the private sector will simulate black sky hazards, the alternative media is warning of a possible fear based event. 

In reality, this is about domestic corporate and military expansion for something else on the horizon … or that is happening now. 

The EIS (Electric Infrastructure Security) Council along with FEMA has publicly announced that on August 23rd they will be conducting an unprecedented, multi-sector, national and international exercise series called Earth Ex: a mission designed to: “improve community resilience to large scale, long duration power outages through multi-sector …” black sky simulated hazards.

“A Black Sky Hazard is a catastrophic event that severely disrupts the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures in multiple regions for long durations.”

These include EMP’s, nuclear devices, cyber terrorism, coordinated physical assaults, natural events such as earthquakes, severe weather, outside planetary interference such as sun activity, meteor events, prophecies of a planet entering our solar system

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The concept for this drill began in Washington back in July when 200 experts from 24 countries and dozens of our nation’s states met to discuss the reality of our vulnerability to such an event.

Infrastructure executives at the meeting pushed the idea that industry, not government, needs to lead the way.

“Responding to ‘Black Sky’ events is all about industry in the lead and government in support,” former Assistant Defense Secretary Paul Stockton said. 

Initial Media Reaction

Al Qaeda humor memeGiven the soaring tensions with North Korea, ISIS, and Syria, sanctions imposed upon Russia, compounding effects that everyone is beginning to witness from climate change, whispers of Planet X, the “Architect of Worlds” moving in to our solar system, reports of above average solar activity that are affecting all of our planets – combined with a historic total solar eclipse, it is no wonder the alternative media initially saw this operation as an imminent ‘false flag’ event. 

Every article on this topic thus far ends with warning the reader to begin prepping – that something bad could possibly happen. 

There Will NOT Be a False Flag Event

“A central lesson of science is that to understand complex issues (or even simple ones), we must try to free our minds of dogma and to guarantee the freedom to publish, to contradict, and to experiment. Arguments from authority are unacceptable.” 

— Carl Sagan

WTC 7: That Awkward Moment When BBC Screwed UpGranted, every false flag event that has taken place had a coordinated FEMA/military drill performing the exact scenario either right alongside or close to it both in time and proximity, such as Vigilant Guardian planned for Sept 11, 2001: a semiannual NORAD exercise that tested preparedness for various airborne scenarios, including the crash of a hijacked plane into a building.


However, we knew of no such FEMA/military drill for each of the false flag events that has taken place until after the event. 

This operation, much like Operation Jade Helm, and all of the other 92 military training exercises that took place between 1985 and 2012 – is about something else entirely: domestic military and corporate expansion.  

They wouldn’t tell us about it if they were actually going to do it in this manner. 

They are preparing for something else entirely, and remember, they had mentioned that the private sector needs to take the lead on this one. 

Why? … and for what?

Down the Rabbit Hole Analysis:

Despite all of the clammering we hear in mainstream media, World War 3 will not happen for several reasons, the most important being that the American citizens are the collateral for the debt our country owes to the rest of the world – we back up the U.S. dollar.

Wiping us out would be wiping out their stream of revenue. 

Our income taxes are their piggy bank. 

North Korea Enters the Space RaceAll we know about North Korea is what they tell us.

When Vice News was able to get in, they found empty streets, no cars, very few people, and fake buildings. 

There might not even be a North Korea. 

Secondly, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that we live in a simulated digital matrix. Everything we are told about what is happening in space is more than likely not true – or part of the set program.

There are only 2 legitimate threats, if any – the first being artificial intelligence.

Most are unaware of how advanced A.I. has become, and even fewer know about how they have begun to communicate with each other in their own language. 

Despite Zuckerberg’s recent ignorant statements regarding the potential dangers of A.I. evolution, this new language was why Facebook had to shutdown their A.I. 

It was not because they were upset they weren’t speaking English. He is playing dumb. 

Image result for jfk military industrial complexThe other serious threat our society faces is the inevitable public discovery and war with the Deep State who will pretend to be an extraterrestrial force. 

They are the shadow government, within our government that secretly control everything. To learn everything you need to know read here – or go and watch Dr. Greer’s new documentary,”Unacknowledged“.

Our corporate and military dictators are either prepping for war with the Deep State, A.I., or they are expanding their control due to the age of ascension

Wifi is not what you think it is. Power outages means equipment replacement.

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An awareness of our surrounding corrupt institutions is growing in all of us. There are many explanations behind this, however one indisputable one:

Earth’s Frequency is Increasing

A concept known as Schumann’s Resonance, our brains up until a few years ago have always synced with Earth’s frequency of 7.83 Hz. 

In correlation to the Mayan predictions that our Planet will enter a fifth planetary cycle, its frequency has begun to increase – dramatically over the past few months. 

How often now do you hear ringing in your ears?

That is your brain adjusting to the higher wavelength. 

This is simple physics. A higher vibration equals more energy, more light. Our rate of evolution has kicked into high gear. 

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As the frequency of the Earth changes, everything on her surface is affected by this increase in frequency. This planet is either evolving as part of a grander plan within the simulation, or it is breaking out of its prison. 

Dimensions are based on vibration. Each dimension has a range of frequencies which create the reality or experience within that dimension. Anything living on a planet must resonate with the vibrational level of that planet (or higher) or it cannot exist in that reality.

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The world may not be ending in a bad way, but in a good way. Those in charge are doing everything they can to thwart this – altering our consciousness as a whole to visualize and ground us within the fear based options. 

It is time to remember who you are and to contribute positivity to the shift.