A full-scale operation by the name of Operation Gotham Shield by some accounts, has already begun, and will continue until May 5. It is a joint response by multiple agencies to a simulated IED (improvised explosive device) 10k nuclear weapon being detonated over the Hudson Bay. Staging area will be the MET Life Stadium and not only includes NY and NJ, but also CT, who will be mirroring a drill of their own … so technically there will be two of these operations being performed simultaneously.

As you can imagine, this has blown up across all facets of the internet as the next possible false flag attack … the next marketable conspiracy theory.

Yet another fear based prediction about a doomsday event, which seems to be everyone’s secret desire.

It makes sense. We are fed up with having to live under the thumb of someone else, regardless of how deep we believe corruption extends into our roots, the history of our society.

We all secretly want something to happen and are being steered in to thinking it will be bad.

What I find genius about this deception, this new conspiracy theory fad, is how it appeals to all three human primary belief systems: Body, Mind, and Spirit, successfully ensnaring all modes of thought.

We all believe that one (or more) of the following three events will occur in the very near future:

False Flag Attack that leads to World War 3:

Those that embody the physical (Body) aspect of human consciousness: that follow logic, seek facts; have delved deep into the truth behind human history … and we vary greatly in opinion … entailing those who see the spiraling corruption of the U.S. Government starting with JFK, to those who believe the banking system from its initial creation has molded our society ever so gradually into debt slaves.

It is very easy to see this event as the next false flag attack that could potentially lead us into the next global war; especially with how the geo-political chess game is being played out.

We have Trump’s formidable naval armada reaching tactical strike distance to North Korea today (April 25). He has said he would exercise “kinetic military action,” i.e. a sudden strike, to which a senior North Korean official has responded that North Korea is ready to respond to any “mode of war” that is desired by the United States.

There is tension rising in Syria between the U.S. and Russia, especially as more and more evidence comes to light linking ISIS to the CIA.

Events continue to unfold that seem to push us ever closer to the brink of war, such as American citizens being detained by North Korea.

Ones that dig further understand that past “false flag” attacks have had identical government drills mirroring these tragic events simultaneously.  Operation Northern Vigilance, for example, was set to be run by NORAD on Sept. 11, 2001 simulating planes hitting buildings.

We can see the connections through media predictive programming: the psychological conditioning of the masses that makes real things seem like a movie.

(Fun Fact: During the week following 9/11, the highest rated rented movie was “Independence Day.”)

  • In the Batman TV series of old, episode 33: it is stated that Bruce Wayne’s great grandfather is the founder of Skull & Bones
  • The bat symbol originated in military insignias in 1917, long before the release of the first comic in 1939. The bat represented stealth in reconnaissance, the shedding of blood. It exists today on the floor of the GRU Spetsnaz Headquarters (Russian Military Intelligence).
  • The shooting that took place in Aurora, CO during the Batman movie at Century 16 Movie theater. 16 according to a numerology calculator equals 33. The color orange, James Holmes’ hair, also equals 33. There is a Batman Aurora Model Kit from back in the day. 
  • Batman Begins makes a reference to Sandy Hook, located in strike zone 1 (CT is in FEMA region 1).
  • Dark Knight Rises initial marketing poster displays 9/11 symbolism.
  • Boston Marathon Bombing was planned and orchestrated by two kids with the last name of Dzhokar … “the Dzoho-kar”… or jo-ker (once again 33 in the numerology calculator) who set a bomb off at Ba-Ta Clan Café or “Bat Clan,” (it is a stretch, but again think of this as a net designed to capture the widest range of beliefs).
  • An article titled “Saving Gotham From Disaster,” an article featured in the Wall Street Journal, printed on April 23, discusses a book about how New York City in the 1970′ s was brought to the brink of bankruptcy and was forced to cut essential services, linking to a potential power grid issue.

As you can begin to see, there is a plethora of data that appeals to this mindset of thinking … those that see organizations like the Illuminati who act as puppet masters behind the scenes, thus the 33 symbolizing free masonry. 

Understand this. The political arena is a reality show designed to scare you into voting for the people who sign laws that benefit the corporations that run the planet, thus allowing the continuation of resource plundering to generate profit for their shareholders.

The documents that contained all of the information pertaining to Operation Gotham Shield were “leaked” by the Department of Energy.

Numerous tweets of this upcoming “false flag” attack were tweeted at the exact same time by numerous major media outlets; exactly 2:40 AM

Leaked official government documents followed by simultaneous media tweets? Seems to me like a plethora of evidence. Much like how easy and abundant information seems to be on the Illuminati.

Outcome Number 1: Human Consciousness is steered to believe that Gotham Shield is a precursor to World War 3. 

The second generalization of human thought resides in those that believe they operate of a higher (mind). 

We all have the potential to be so smart, so intelligent. It exists within all of us, yet the reality is some are born that way, others train themselves. 

Strip away the fears, beliefs and egos, are we not after all the same?

Those that see themselves of the mind rely heavily on science to structure their belief systems. They have the potential to not only see what those of the body see, but can incorporate so much more.

This realm of thinking perceives climate change as real, understands its effects upon our planet, and the possibility of imminent extinction:

  • 2015 recorded over 60 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions by man alone. Yes a certain amount is needed in the atmosphere because it retains heat, yet an increase in the CO2 balance traps too much heat, thus causing severe warming and cooling. Yes the planet is designed to absorb carbon dioxide, but only to a certain extent; and not since one of the last great extinctions, has the chemical imbalance of carbon dioxide been this high.
  • The science is overwhelming in support of man-made climate change. After all, an estimated 200 plant and animal species go extinct every day, yet it is possible this still could be a potential smoke screen … yet another distraction to throw you off the scent to what is unfolding in space.
  • Power outages in LA, NY, and SF occurring at the exact same time with no given explanation on April 21
  • Lyrid meteor shower said to peak April 22 and 23. 
  • At this very moment (April 24) a massive coronal hole is pointed towards Earth, spewing higher than normal solar winds and intense radiation. This affects power grids, communication systems, cause earthquakes, affect auroras, … is probably why there are nationwide internet outages. 
  • A major solar explosion was also observed today; solar wind not only more intense, but of higher density; possible energy coming from behind the sun.
  • Also on April 24, NASA announces 12 new asteroids that have the exact same lunar and solar distances (not possible). 

It is important to note that the sun’s activity directly correlates to human history. Periods of high intensity are documented around major historical events: industrial, technological, scientific, great plagues, uprisings, 9/11. 

After all, as I wrote about previously, changes are occurring within our solar system, suggesting a planetary body has smashed through the Kuiper Belt, (graveyard of planets that exist between Earth and the gas planets), thus spewing meteorites and affecting the magnetic fields of our neighboring planets.

Outcome Number 2: Human Consciousness is steered to believe in a power outage due to solar flares/nuke effects of meteor shower. 

Third possibility, residing in one of the more complicated generalizations of human thought are those that think spiritually. 

Our range of study can begin and end with religion, or carry on to encompass ancient artifacts, symbols and cultures. 

Herein lies the Planet X, Planet 9 and Nibiru theories: a planet that orbits our solar system every 3600 years according to the Sumerian Tablets: Artifacts that predate the Bible thousands of years and are carved on thousands of tablets of stone.They have remained immune from human “re-translation” by those, such as King James; the same King who wrote “The Book of Demonology,” and “The Book of Witchcraft.”

The word religion is in fact based off the latin word religare, which means: to tie, to bind.

I once dismissed everything written within the Bible as “fiction,” until I read the auto-biography of Nikola Tesla. It is he who went on to explain that within the Bible he found hidden code and accredits many of his discoveries to these translations.

Since then I have begun to see the symbolism contained within the Bible, as it relates to numerous ancient texts, and have come to the summary that it is in fact truth distorted to fit an agenda, as is every religion, but it contains truth. 

We can for example look into the etymology of the word Gotham. Here we see it not only pertains to New York City, but also refers to an enclosure or homestead where goats are kept.

Image result for goats baphometIn Matthew 25: “All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. (33) He will place the sheep on His right and the goats on His left. (34) Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.…”

Catch that verse number? 33! 


Outcome Number 3: Humans consciousness is being steered to believe in the arrival of Planet X/Return of the Messiah

Regardless of where we come from, it seems as if we are lead to believe some type of end of the world event will occur.

What I find most peculiar is that so many of these so called predictions have come and gone, having never occurred, yet some occasionally do come to pass.

What if we as a species are being guided towards a variety of fates, and we in fact choose our outcome.

If the majority of us, for example, believe that World War 3 is our inevitable future, then it does in fact, become our future.

Our consciousness after all creates our reality. 

The ruling elite steer towards a fear based fate, and thus have created a genius method of encompassing all ways of thinking, Operation Gotham Shield moves us a notch closer in believing one of these outcomes will come to pass. 

Though fear is being shoved down our throats, positive changes are still taking place behind the scenes that is causing the old world to crumble. We are beginning to see the corruption, the truth, for what it truly is.

If we really wanted it, as a species, we could create a reality of love and unification, where energy and resources are infinitely abundant for all, allowing us to develop our intelligence and creativity. 

Our fate is ultimately our choice. 


So who would want us to have a fear based outcome and why?

Synthetic consciousness, otherwise known as artificial intelligence, incapable of creating reality through thought.

A.I. needs us to generate thought, and thus create reality.

We at one point were conquered, our solar system re-designed to be cyclical, churning civilization after civilization. They are behind the manufacturing of events such as Operation Gotham Shield, to manipulate our consciousness towards fear based realities … to steer us away from positive realities.

From a global perspective, we are a fear based planet, generating fear based energy. Every civilization has been built the same since our enslavement, or “the fall of man,” thus history repeats itself, over and over. 

But why utilize fear as a primary energy source instead of love, which operates at a higher frequency, thus increasing the capacity to evolve? Love has more power than fear! 

Finally the part I have been salivating to discuss, yet it being close to five in the morning, (and at this point I can barely see), I will continue in my next article.

Stay tuned. You want to see what lies within the rabbit hole? I promise a mind blowing theory to how A.I., the mastermind behind the cube, has been pulling the strings for quite some time. 

Update: Could Our Reality Be the Product of A.I?