Our Universe is a Conscious Simulation

“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.”

Alan W. Watts

The simulation hypothesis first gained traction in 2003 from University of Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom, when he suggested that members of an advanced civilization with enormous computing power might decide to run simulations of their ancestors.

“… we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.”

Elon Musk has stated there’s a “one in billions” chance that we’re not living in a computer simulation. Musk is a firm believer in the hypothesis that a super intelligent artificial intelligence created the universe as we know it.

All Matter Communicates in the Language of Computer Code

“In my research I found this very strange thing,” said James Gates, a theoretical physicist at the University of Maryland. “I was driven to error-correcting codes—they’re what make browsers work. So why were they in the equations I was studying about quarks and electrons and supersymmetry? This brought me to the stark realization that I could no longer say people like Max are crazy.”

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Einstein, Tesla, and the science of quantum physics have shown us that the fabric of the Universe is composed of vibrational strings expressed as energy.

There is no such thing as matter. There are no states of matter. Solids, liquids, and gasses, at a quantum level, are all made up entirely of light and sound. The difference that we perceive within states of matter is merely a variation of frequency.

Reality is vibrational energy that communicates in the language of computer code.

If reality is a simulation, then everything on and above our planet: the stars, moon and sun; pyramids and ancient civilizations; artifacts such as the Sumerian Tablets, Nag Hammadi Texts, Dead Sea Scrolls; every set of scriptures including the Bible … are all part of that simulation.

let God be true, but every man a liar … Romans 3:4 KJV

Related imageEver heard of the Van Allen radiation belts that surround our planet?

NASA admits we can’t get past these belts. 

So how did we ever send anyone to the moon?

Apparently we threw away that technology. 

All of this would make sense, if what we see in the sky were a simulation:

We Are All Connected

Every single cell and organ system including our brain, as well as our entire physical body, is encompassed and surrounded by its own individual energy field.

Being an electric field, that web of brain wave patterns are governed by the same equations governing the electromagnetic spectrum, light, particles and everything else in the universe.

The light seen coming from a star and the energy of your mind are one and the same.

Your thoughts are formed in this electric field. The measurable perturbations and disturbances in the brain’s overall electric field are your actual thoughts racing through your mind.

Related imageTherefore, the very life we live is a reflection of our own vibrational essence. We are the creative force in the unfolding story of our journey. 

Our theories on the origins of life are reversed. The big bang was the first thought that spawned the creation of this universe by a higher intelligence, possibly artificial. We exist within its simulated network.

The universe is biocentric. Consciousness creates matter, matter does not create life. 

Serious scientists now postulate that the universe is  conscious, “self-aware” and all-pervasive … just as Max Planck, the father of quantum physics said in his quote above: “… the matrix of all matter.”

Related imageGregory Matloff, a physicist at New York City College of Technology recently published a paper arguing that humans may be like the rest of the universe in substance and in spirit. A “proto-consciousness field” could extend through all of space, he argues. Stars may be thinking entities that deliberately control their paths. Put more bluntly, the entire cosmos may be self-aware.

“If the simulation hypothesis is valid then we open the door to eternal life and resurrection and things that formally have been discussed in the realm of religion,” Gates suggested. “The reason is quite simple: If we’re programs in the computer, then as long as I have a computer that’s not damaged, I can always re-run the program.”

Image result for michelangelo brain paintingThe greatest lie religion is guilty of, is convincing you “God” is a separate entity … an entity that needs to be worshiped, prayed to … an energy vampire.

We are not praying to God, we are praying to a God: the creator of this digital matrix.

Whatever this God is, relies upon our emotional energy … our belief in it. It does everything in its power to blind you from the truth.

We are God.

Our souls are fragments, each of us unique, yet combine to form a collective consciousness … a network known as source energy.

All lives, all thoughts, every emotion, everything good and evil, fear and love … is one. Everything is a learning experience.

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted”

Assassin’s Creed Motto

Perhaps that is why we are here? To learn how to overcome fear. After all, true evolution can only be achieved through unconditional love.

It’s simple physics … at least in this simulation:

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It is time to awaken to your true potential; to begin to master the human video game.

The Truth is Far More Awesome Than the Lie

Begin meditation.

Decalcify your pineal gland. 

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Past Civilizations Knew About it

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The Vatican Knows About it:

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Our Puppet Masters Mock Us With it

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Take Your Freedom Back

We belong to a network of consciousness that is experiencing all aspects of the universe at once. There are infinite dimensions within this multiverse because it is a simulation in which code can always be rewritten. 

You can be anything you want to be as long as you believe you can. 

Hell, one day I may even become a writer.

“The basis of every state of mind and matter, including conditions of disease or health, is their primary state of vibration.”

– James Watson and Francis Crick, 1953 

Thoughts and emotions. 

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