The Mainstream Media Accuses 4Chan Of Conspiracy After ‘Muh Russia’ Narrative Backfires


Everyone has grown sick of the “muh Russia” Narrative for quite some time now. Alt left, Alt Right, and even those who are not interested in politics can all agree that we’ve heard enough about what Russia did or didn’t do. The fact that I wrote that intro make me cringe a little. BUT MUH RUSSIA!!!!

It’s past time. Move over Putin, come on over to the spotlight  4Chan.

That’s right. 4Chan is being accused of conspiracy. A site where free speech and memes reign supreme, is now the apparent breeding grounds for the “evil” far right. Let me do a privilege check really quick, I need at least one oppression point in order to be allowed to speak against the liberal media and their crazy nonsense. Let’s see… I’m white, so no points. I’m far right, still no points. I’m a woman. Oh goodie, one point for me. Moving on.

Newsweek released an article titled:


I’ve never heard of Supremacism. Supremacy, yes. Supremacism? I guess that’s a real word, but typically more people use and are more familiar supremacy, as opposed to feeling stupid that you actually had to look it up in the dictionary. Tom Porter, the author, begins his piece by describing a study written by Julia Ebner and Jacob Davey of the Institute of Strategic Dialogue. The two authors had gone “undercover” in Alt Right forums for a few weeks, and thought of themselves as great experts. They discovered on their grand adventure, tactics that users adopted to red pill the internet and gain support for the far right groups. Using fear mongering techniques like the topics of race, immigration and terrorism, the alt right are setting themselves up to be the next Nazi’s!

Both these authors, and the author of the article, are actually using the tactics that they falsely claim far right wingers use. The Alt Right, and other right wing groups, are against open borders. They often start conversations about race, culture, and terrorism, to educate others who are curious or have been brainwashed by the mainstream media. This is  just an example of educating people and inspiring them to be world changers. Fear is a tactic used by the left. They point to the right, start shouting about how everything they do is racist and dangerous. They begin a fire of fear inside the minds of the easily manipulated, taking advantage and twisting the truth. They tell everyone how the right are going to become the “next Nazi’s” if we don’t put a stop to them. The  mainstream media are to blame for groups like Antifa; a group who uses violence out of fear.

Black Pigeon Speaks made a great video pointing out how the mainstream media has moved on from the tiresome topic of Russia. I highly recommend giving the video a watch, he connects everything beautifully and does it in a way that’s easy to understand. Basically, according to the left, 4Chan is to blame for getting Trump elected, recruiting and red pilling people, and helping far right wingers in Germany gain political power. Another thing the original study pointed out, was how memes and trolling are dangerous tools of the alt right. Trolling got Trump elected, is there a meme for that? 

To conclude, I’d like to add that I see nothing wrong with 4Chan. At first I had my doubts, I didn’t think I’d care too much for it. But after a while I realized how great of a platform it actually is. Free speech is king there, you can say whatever you want without having to reveal your whole life’s story. Memes are a great way to get your message across, they use humor, not fear and that’s something we could all use. At the end of the day, if you want to see actual fear and a bunch of crazy people with insane conspiracy theories, look no further than the mainstream media.       

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