The Legend Of Zelda is without a doubt one of the most iconic and well regarded series in gaming. Just this past year in fact, the latest release in the series Breath of the Wild, received almost unanimous praise from both critics and gamers alike. With some even going so far as to call it the greatest game of all time. What if I told you however that some think the series is secretly hiding a hidden message. A message that would likely not sit all that well with many of the series more Left-Leaning fans.

The following images make up just some of the so called “evidence” collected to support this theory by various users over on 4chan’s infamous /pol/ board.

For those not familiar with the series, the core story involves two blonde Aryan children Princess Zelda and the hero Link, as they try and defend their homeland from a dark skinned threat. This threat comes in the form of the series main villain Ganondorf. A character whose psychical attributes in contrast to the hero’s, allows for some obvious observations to be made.

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Beyond just the villain’s appearance, his name as well holds some interesting potential clues.

The series iconic weapon the “Master Sword” also became a hot point of discussion. As many pointed out its similarity to Nazi Luftwaffe swords.

Considering this is the same place that has discussed the evidence for secret underground Nazi bases in the arctic still existing in the modern day. It’s not too surprising that some users in particular, really started stretching things.  What is less of a stretch is that the series was in fact originally intended to have a strong Christian aspect to it. With the original game of the series meant to be filled with elements of Christianity present in the game universe. This idea was oddly enough rejected by Nintendo of America, but the Japanese version still contains both Christian Churches and a Bible. Items that were changed into Temples and “Books of Magic” for the American release. One thing that did remain in both versions however was that Link’s shield in the original game featured a Christian cross on it.

Official Nintendo Created Artwork For An Early Game In The Series

However, it’s not just 4chan types that have begun noting the series more Conservative leanings. With some of the usual prime SJW suspects having begun turning on the series due to it’s apparent lack of Liberal values. These critics even include the Queen of anti-gaming SJW’s herself, Anita Sakeesian. Who was just one of the many that used Breath of the Wild’s release as an excuse to attack the series for its more traditional values.

So what do you think? Is Nintendo secretly putting out Pro-Nazi propaganda? Is Zelda really Anti-Progressive, like so many SJW’s now seem to claim? Before you make up your mind, there is one more small piece of evidence to consider. This Swastika shaped level that appeared in the original game.

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