Sometimes when we stick to our own little personal news bubble. We lose sight of how the other side thinks and views the world. That is why we get so confused when these people venture into the public sphere and seem to be advocating what sounds like pure nonsense at first glance. It is for that reason it is important to sometimes take a look at the type of things the opposition is reading on a daily basis, so as better to understand why they believe the things they do. With that in mind I have done the hard part for you, and collected some prime examples of modern Regressive Left thought. All collected from that bastion of Social Justice Warrior ideals, Everyday Feminism.


In which we dare to ask the question “What Does ‘Neutrality’ Mean In A White Supremacist Country Like The United States?”


Where we openly promote skin colored based racism, and declare that White passing minorities need to get out of dark skinned colored safe spaces.


In which we warn Asians against identifying with White “systems of thought like political conservatism, white liberalism, and white Feminism.”


In which despite constantly telling the rest of us, these new sexuality and gender identifications are real legitimate classifications we are born into. We then question if life events can change them instantly. 


Because who needs personal accountability when we can just blame White people for everything! 


In which we tell people not to call the police when they see a violent crime committed. Since apparently “when it comes to police, if you’re not a straight, white, upper-class man, you’re basically screwed.”


In which we advocate that a fat person should make no attempt to better themselves but simply just resign themselves to their fate. “A fat person admitting to themselves and others that their fatness is a part of their identity rather than something they have to change about themselves can be a radical act of self-love and acceptance.”


Because it’s more important to talk about “microaggressions” then the inherent actual misogyny rampant all throughout Islam.


Because what do ovaries or basic biology have to do with periods?


Because if you aren’t a radical Feminist activist, you must automatically be an Asshole


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