4 More Trump Indictments Unsealed; 4 Mexicans Accused of Child Sex Trafficking


Friday, May 4th in New York, U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released a statement describing 4 Mexican nationals have been extradited to the US in the past 2 weeks because of international sex Trafficking offenses. Two people, Efrain Granados-Corona and Emilio Rojas-Romero were extradited the U.S. from Mexico on April 26th, and this past Tuesday, Alan Romero-Granados and Pedro Rojas-Romero were also extradited.

According to the statement released by ICE:

“The indictment, which was returned under seal on Sept. 15, 2016 alleges that the defendants are members of an international sex trafficking organization that exploited and trafficked adult and minor women in Mexico and in the United States from at least 2000 to 2016. Members of the defendants’ sex trafficking organization, which operated largely as a family business, used false promises, physical and sexual violence, and threats to force and coerce adult and minor women to engage in commercial sex for the organization’s profit in both Mexico and the United States.”

Although 4 defendants have been extradited to the United States from Mexico in the past month, 6 of them were arrested in Mexico in August 2016 and taken into custody.  A fifth defendant, Julio Sainz-Flores, aka “Rogelio” had also been previously extradited from Mexico to the United States last June.

The release goes on to quote Angel M. Melendez, an agent in charge for HSI New York, who stated:

“Those extradited, along with others, operated a family business centered on making money from exploiting females they forced into sex slavery. Now, these traffickers will face justice where they made their income, right here in New York. Human Trafficking remains a priority for HSI whose primary focus is to rescue victims and release them from the grip of their captors.”

They also go on to describe the way these international sex trafficking operations work, which is that first, a trafficker will entice a victim in Mexico, (usually a minor)  by romancing them and deliberately misleading them with false promises. Then the traffickers will isolate them from their family, sometimes by even raping the victim. They will then monitor all of the victim’s communications, lock her in a room and leave her without food while abusing her at the same time. They will also frequently manipulate the victim into thinking they owe them a debt and must repay it through prostitution. After being involved in prostitution for some time, the victim will then be smuggled into the United States, usually with multiple other victims. Once they arrive, victims will usually stay in the same apartment but are forbidden to communicate with each other.

The release also makes sure to state that these charges are merely accusations, and the defendants are innocent until proven guilty. Even still, It seems there have been a lot of human trafficking busts going on since Trump was elected. Is it a coincidence?