Whether you enjoy her music or not, you’ve likely already somehow been subjected to the first song off Taylor Swifts new album.  The video for the song alone, having already set records including the most views on Youtube in 24 hours with over 35 million.  

But while most people are content to just sit back and enjoy the the latest T-Swift spectacle at face value. Those devious miscreants over at 4chan are digging a little deeper with their analysis.  Many over their believing the video to be final confirmation of what they have already long suspected. That Taylor is actually a Pro-Nazi White Supremacist pushing her beliefs subliminally on the masses with her music.

So whats the evidence for the video being as the user above states, “Nazi Propaganda in music form”?  Some users turned to what they perceived to be the heavy use of Pro-Christian imagery present in the video.

Others simply called attention to her multiple rather Nazi like fashion choices.

Still others brought up the old popular conspiracy theory that Taylor has actually visited the site in the past herself.

In general the theories were as diverse as the users themselves.  With people suggesting everything from the song being an attack at music industry overlords, a counter Jewish Psyop or even just a corporate ploy for attracting a paying Alt-Right audience.

Regardless of the truth behind the matter, one thing that’s safe to say is that the video is unlikely to do anything to help Taylor’s reputation with the left leaning media.  Who have been attacking her for years now simply due to her unwillingness to formally declare herself a liberal like the vast majority of her fellow entertainers.

While it’s highly unlikely Taylor suddenly comes out as a Neo-Nazi any time soon.  That’s not stopping this latest video from inspiring yet another wave of Nazi Taylor imagery being produced on places like 4chan. But maybe that doesn’t really bother the singer, as after all there’s no such thing as bad publicity right?

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