On November 7, 2017, an anonymous 4chan user posted an image of the infamous “It’s Okay To Be White” poster with the following caption:

Do Not Alter The Message
Do Not Alter The Flyers
Anyone Who Tries To Change Things Is A Shill
There Is No Phase 2

It’s Okay To Be White. 5 words. Simple, elegant, effective. The plan is working. Stick to the plan. There is no phase 2.

If you take part remember; print the original flyers in the pic, post them in legal areas, be aware of cameras, and get home safely.

Do not trespass. Do not Vandalize. Do not post over other signs or flyers. Do not say anything racist or provocative in the comments of news stories. We are giving the left all the rope they want and they are racing to hang themselves. The goal is to expose the media’s anti-white bias through their reaction to a harmless flyer. It is working. Stick to the plan. There is no phase 2. Anyone who suggests change is a shill.

>We should do “it’s oaky to be black” next and see them treat it differently!

Every US/Canadian campus is already covered with pro-“PoC” posters and propaganda. Showing a pro-“PoC” bias is not the point and proves nothing we don’t already know. The point is to expose their anti-white bias in as blatant a way possible.

>”Okay” is too weak! We need a stronger message!

The weakness of the word “Okay” is the point. We are showing that there is no low you can sink to that will make them happy. To them it isn’t even “okay” to be white. People on social media have had the correct response and are starting to declare pride in being white. The Plan is working. Stick to the plan.

List of media responses: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vT6xWWUgk3TYzwo4XOrRxsEpVeTxHT2vDpfcGs29YGY31jAN7iAB8RjEsoarOXg1EYNUMKZzbvd0flz/pubhtml

See the post (larger version here):

Denoted by the linked provided by the poster, the 4chan community is keeping relatively close tabs on the public’s reception of the fliers. In a spreadsheet, examples of “what not to do” are present, along with “the story that started it all,” and a condemnation on any variation of the flier that contains more than the five words: It’s okay to be white. 

The purpose of the flier campaign, according to the poster, was (or rather, is) to gauge reactions towards the statement to prove a point. Not too long ago, a survey was taken that showed that a majority of white Americans feel discriminated against. Although much of the media scoffed in the face of this claim, the overall reaction to the assertion, “It’s okay to be white,” goes to show that such feelings of being discriminated against may not be entirely unfounded. 

4chan has made it clear that this is not an alt-right campaign. In fact, any deviations of the five-worded flier, especially including any promulgation of alt-right ideology, are explicitly condemned in the thread. This is not about ethno-nationalism; it is about the right to be white.