While the AntiFa armies of the left continue to target confederate statues, those miscreants over at 4Chan have come up with a plan of their own.  Operation Lenin Down as it’s become known is an attempt to target Lenin or other Communist statues across America just as AntiFa is targeting Confederate ones.

Arguing that if the left is saying we shouldn’t be allowed statues celebrating parts of our own actual American history and heritage because they have potential negative connotations. Then why in the world should we allow statues in America of a mass murdering Russian tyrant to keep standing? With this in mind 4Chan has begun plotting how to remove or at least best alter these glorifications of Communism standing on American soil. 

This statue in liberal haven Seattle has already been singled out as a high value potential target.  It has been on display in the city since 1995 and was actually made by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia before they rightly dumped it into the trash following the Velvet Revolution in 89.  Eventually it was found and restored by a Communist sympathizing Washington State English teacher and taken up residence in the city ever since.

Right at this moment plans are being hatched, and debates waged online over how best to deal with this blight on the Seattle landscape.  Some are advocating fighting fire with fire, and simply bringing the statue down just like AntiFa did with the Confederate one.  While others are advocating more legal methods like simply grouping money to buy the piece as its been up for sale for years.  At the oh so reasonable price of 250 thousand however, that doesn’t seem the likeliest of options. 

A general consensus that whether through legal means or not altering the statue might be more effective than simply destroying it seems to be taking hold.  Some have even suggested painting it green in honor of the great god Kek. 


Still others wants to mimic what the residents of Ukraine did to their Lenin statue some time ago.  Turning it into Darth Vader.

When one user suggested a quick easy way to target the statue. 

Others pointed out that the statue has had it’s hands painted red like blood many times before.

Staying in line with the general theme of Communism and death however one anon suggested this clever approach.

Others came up with some inspired tactics of how to escape any potential repercussions for acting on the statue.

Regardless of what tactic finally is agreed upon the call has gone out.

And people have seemingly answered.

Now while it remains to be seen if they will come through with the goods.  Let us not forget however, 4Chan has pulled off some other equally impressive stunts in recent memory.  

Regardless of whether Operation Lenin Down ends up a success or not. It’s not a bad time to ask the question, why in the world these statues exist in America at all? Especially when real American historical statues and other relics are being removed both illegally by leftist radicals, and legally by leftist governments.

Maybe if we are lucky one day this will change, and this will be the type of statue we see being removed on the nightly news instead. 

An update on this story of sorts can be found here.

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