4Chan’s #MyBordersMyChoice Initiative To Flood Campuses & Public Places On Jan. 21


No means no.

The meaning of consent is one that is engrained in the minds of many children at a young age. “No means no” is a phrase heard by disobedient or resilient youths around the nation as a medium to convey the concept of mutual exchange. The concept of consent is effectively a manifestation of the Golden Rule in everyday life. You, as a person, would not appreciate somebody touching you inappropriately or impeding on your property without you giving them the go-ahead. Likewise, to be consistent within your worldview, you would not enforce any infringement on another’s personage without their consent.

Such a concept is easy to grasp when one is discussing more imminent dangers such as rape or theft. However, when one applies the concept of consent to national borders, supporters of open border policies become engulfed in lunacy. For whatever reason, consent is not considered by many activists and politicians when conversations regarding immigration are held.

On January 21, 2018, anti-immigration posters will be plastered across the world in campuses, libraries, and federal buildings in opposition to the voices who insist that, in order to be progressive, a country must lose its borders. Notably, operation is being commenced by both Redditors and 4Chan-users, and archived links to related posts on both platforms can be found here and here, respectively.

The Redditor MyBordersMyChoice posted the following guidelines:

  1. Posters go up Sunday Jan 21 at night on campuses & public spaces around the world!
  2. Bonus points for putting them in feminism & SJW related areas: social science & psychology departments, women’s & gender studies departments, office doors of feminist profs, etc.
  3. Please do not commit vandalism or do anything illegal
  4. Translations are available for over 25 countries
  5. Only use the official versions from the website.

It is currently unknown as to how large of a scale the operation will be; however, considerable internet buzz has been generated in the past several weeks. Perhaps one can consider the #MyBordersMyChoice initiative akin to that of the “It’s Okay To Be White” fliers that popped up worldwide in 2017.

Be careful out there this Sunday, and remember, no means no.