This past Tuesday was the start for season seven of the popular TV hit American Horror Story.  In this season premiere episode, titled only “Election Night”.  A certain scene aired that has been causing a stir in certain dark corners of the internet.  Set in the immediate aftermath of last November’s election, the episode features a young man attending a city council meeting where he raises objections related to increased security for a local Jewish community center.  The response to his objection is delivered by an Asian council member, and features a number of increasingly outrageous statements. As the boy is accused of being a basement dwelling 4chan using extremist, who has only dared come out into public in the first place just because “Papa Bear Trump” told him it was OK to do so.  He is also informed that this so called dark period of history is only a temporary blip, and that it is still people like Trump and his supporters who should be afraid. You can see it all here for yourself below. 

While only episode one has aired so far it is already quite obvious the writers intend to make this Conservative voter into some type of murderous monster who they believe represents the average Trump voter.  This fact, combined with the entire episode being set during last years election, reveals a sad truth. That even so many months later the Liberal media still just can’t wrap there heads around what happened that night in November, or that the majority of Trump voters were just your average every day Americans and not some type of evil monster worthy of featuring in a show called American Horror Story.  For further proof of this ridiculous continued Liberal media narrative regarding the average Trump voter, one need look no further then the same episode.  Which also had a one armed tattooed grocery attendant, intimidating a middle aged women doing some late night shopping with his apparently far too menacing Make America Great Again hat.  This scene included here below as well for your amusement. 

Maybe it’s time the Left just finally accepted that wild night in November last year and move on from it.  If they continue forcing our entertainment to feature these non stop allusions to the election and Trump. Along with depicting all his voters as just the very kind of deplorable monsters Hillary so infamously referred to them as.  They only are working to ensure the same result in another 3 years anyways.  In the case of FX and American Horror Story though, they just need to hope that this small bit of exaggerated nonsense, doesn’t anger those troublemakers over at 4chan into taking more direct action.


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