Just like November 4th, The Anti Fascist rally planned for today was a giant flop. Actually, I take that back, this was an even bigger failure. While November 4th turned up a few angry SJW’s and some patriotic counter protesters, this rally had a turn out of zero.

Literally zero.

The event page, as well as every trace of the failed event, has been deleted from the Refuse Fascism Facebook fan page. Baked Alaska on Gab, posted that he had planned on live streaming the event, but was amused to find that there was no one there to support the ridiculous rally.

 “Showed up to stream the refuse fascism event in Hollywood & there were literally ZERO people there. 

Well played commies.”

One Gab member replied with:

They did the same thing in my city for May Day. Not a soul showed up. With like 150 on FB saying they were gonna be there to ‘bash the fash.’ Commie larpers do as much as commie workers.

If you were to go and visit the Refuse Fascism Facebook Page, and look under the events section, you would see that the event has indeed been deleted. However, there was a similar event planned for the previous day.

 Trump is packing the courts with nominees who put their Christian fascist beliefs above the law, he’s supporting Roy Moore for the Senate, and he’s declared the 60,000 Haitians will be deported. And people are dying in Puerto Rico! Don’t turn away! Silence is complicity! Break the silence! 

This Nightmare Must End! 
The Trump/Pence Regime MUST GO! 

Connect with thousands in the loop who hate this regime but don’t understand its fascist nature and the need to act NOW! 

Come help organize people! Flyer, sign people up, and/or participate in some street theatre. 

Experience catharsis by hitting a Trump piñata. 



Once again, Antifa has proven to be the laughing stalk of the entire world.

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