Abortion Clothing You Won’t Believe!


Gone are the days when pro-abortion feminists pretended that they wanted abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” The western world was tricked by these women and men. Now, in 2018, they are “shouting their abortion” as if they are celebrating a major achievement. 

The website Shout Your Abortion describes themselves as working; “… to broaden existing discourse on abortion by creating platforms where discussing abortion is as normal as the procedure itself. SYA hosts events, makes art, and creates spaces both digital and physical for people to share their stories and talk about abortion on their own terms. All proceeds from our shop benefit our IRL and online programming. Visit our website at shoutyourabortion.com.”

This organization turns on its head the pro-choice lie the Western world has heard for two generations now – that abortion was a serious, medical need, to be treated with dignity and with reverence. 

Not only are they proud of their abortions they hold it out as ideal, as something to aspire to.

And, surprise, they’re anti-Christian. 

Even the most passionate pro-choice person a decade ago, would have told you that they do not celebrate abortion but simply wanted to keep it legal for what they believe is the safety and sovereignty of women. 

We see now, as we peek behind the true intent of the far-left ideologies born out of the radical 60s, that safety and sovereignty have given way to embracing and celebrating the murder of their own child…and they even put it on t-shirts as though they are remembering the time they saw their favorite band live in concert. 

Gone is any discussion or pretense of human dignity. It has given way to unadulterated hedonism. 

What’s more shocking is that you need not go to a specialized site such as Shout Your Abortion to find these horrific items. Both Amazon, as well as Etsy all sell similar “abortion pride” paraphernalia. 

Disturbingly, when you click on the abortion celebration clothes on Amazon, below it says that people who purchased this item also bought baby clothes.

In a day and age when the Confederate flag is banned from both Amazon and public spaces, when pro-lifers are being targeted and equated to Nazis and when saying “Its OK to be white” is considered hate speech; these items stay up on these sites with no complaint, no outrage.