It may be time to pack up your air conditioners boys, because believe it or not, you’re participating in the evil, sexist patriarchy.

Summer is here! Well, not officially, but it feels like summer, so we’ll just go with that. With temperatures getting into the lower and mid 80’s, that once necessary heater that we sat beside just to keep warm is now being replaced with an air conditioner. But if you’re a woman in a workplace full of “evil” men, now may be the time to demand that everyone just suffers through the heat of the summer so you can continue to wear your hoe clothes to work.

Mark Dice, a popular political commentator on YouTube published a video recently titled “They Solved It.” In the video, he bashes liberals for claiming that gun’s alone don’t kill people, but that the dreaded patriarchy is responsible for thousands of deaths across the county. He then points out that the reason men even take arms and commit mass murders in the first place, is due in part to them not having their fathers around, and this is all thanks to feminism. Of 27 deadliest mass shooters, 26 of them were fatherless. So maybe instead of blaming the patriarchy that no longer exists for the death of innocence, we should be blaming feminism.

Here comes the even juicier part, Mark Dice brought up the air conditioner conversation. Back in 2015, Radhika Sanghani ( a flaming feminist) wrote an article titled “Air conditioning in your office is sexist. True story.” In it, she describes how women tend to get cold easier than men, and that instead of women just bringing a jacket or wearing pants to work, they just stop using ACs altogether. The article comes back into our topics and debates every year, and this 218 is no exception. One person mocked the women supremacy notion in the comments: 

“If air conditioning is sexist, then dying of heat stroke is so progressive!”

Women, maybe instead of dressing like you’re going to a nightclub every time you go into the office, try wearing clothes that people can actually take you seriously in. Men wear suits, which requires layers of clothing, why not be professional and do something similar? Just a thought. 

Air Conditioners are not sexist, they are inanimate objects. Men are not sexists for using them, they are smart and live in the 21rst century. Stop complaining and bring a jacket.