It’s an iconic coming of age book, that for over 60 years now has helped young men the world over better understand some of their more primal tendencies.  William Golding’s ground breaking novel “Lord of the Flies” is both a school room classic and these days also an example of an increasingly rare story aimed mainly at men.  That is not to say of course a women cannot enjoy the novel but for most men, Lord of the Flies connects on a deeper level speaking to that more raw primitive man trapped inside all of us.

Given that the entertainment industry has largely been trying to emasculate men for some time now, it’s of little surprise they have finally come for this classic story as well.  With a new film adaptation announced just this morning with one big twist.  This time it will feature an all-female cast.  The new film to be created by writer and director pair Scoot McGegee and David Siegel, is said to be a “very faithful but contemporized adaptation”.

How though can this version be “very faithful” when the heart of the story is an exploration of the male experience.  More telling are the words “contemporized adaptation”. As if they are openly admitting in this modern day, a story featuring only men would just not be acceptable, where as an all-female story is to be applauded.  In fact speaking of the all-female twist the writer pair have stated this “new contemporized version felt timely”.

This all female Lord of the Flies feels like in many ways the culmination of recent Hollywood efforts to place women in the starring roles of once male dominated stories.  As they have now done with everything from Star Wars, to Star Trek, and just this past month with the announcement of a female Doctor Who.  Possibly the most obvious example and comparison that comes to mind was the disaster that was last years gender-bent Ghostbuster’s reboot. 

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However the issues at hand here go far beyond just the usual problems inherent with the forced progressive media agenda.  Because more then all the above mentioned properties, and yes that includes even the abomination that was Ghostbuster’s, Lord of the Flies just won’t work with gender swapped protagonists. The reason for this is explained by Dr Stephanie van Goozen, a professor of developmental psychology, who has conducted extensive research into aggression in children. She states, “Golding’s masterpiece could only have been written about boys. In babies we don’t see a lot of emotional differences between the genders. But from the age of two or three, girls start to control themselves and regulate their emotions a bit more.  They are able to pick up emotional signals, and are sensitive to facial expressions. Boys, on the other hand, have violent responses much higher up in their repertoire of behavior, and it emerges more easily in stress situations.”

To put it simply the very plot of the novel would not believably occur with a group of girls alone, thus rendering this whole exercise a flight of pure fantasy. Goozen goes on to say, “If Lord of the Flies focused on a group of girls, you’d have more gossiping and social exclusion, as well as sniping and cutting remarks.” Is that really the version of Lord of the Flies anyone wants? One filled with more gossip, and less spear throwing?

Even the novels own author knew this fact, as when asked by fans during its original publication why it wasn’t a bunch of girls instead he answered the following.  “If you, as it were, scale down human beings, scale down society, if you land with a group of little boys, they are more like scaled-down society than a group of little girls will be.” Expanding on this he states of little girls, “one thing you cannot do with them is take a bunch of them and boil them down, so to speak, into a set of little girls who would then become a kind of image of civilization, of society.”

It would appear that once again Hollywood has totally lost the original point of a story in its rush to modernize everything to the standards of our allegedly more progressive times.  In this case though they are going to attempt to adapt one of the greatest examinations of the male human condition, without the use of any males. This lunacy done despite the fact everyone from psychologists to the stories original creator all know this idea just simply won’t work. However, despite the seeming futility of the exercise it would seem Hollywood is determined to erase one of the last great profoundly male stories that had thus far remain untouched.  


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