Most cryptocurrencies are mineable, decentralized, and impossible to monopolize; as such, free market capitalists have expressed interest in the truly uncontrollable currency. Ripple, however, is changing the system. Ripple is a blockchain start-up that utilizes a real-time digital payment network for instant financial transactions. It is the first Jew-backed cryptocurrency, and features unmineability, centralization, and a very real possibility of monopolization. 

CNBC, a news channel owned by NBC, has recently been supporting the growth of Ripple (XRP). 

Microchip, a user that many cultural commentators are aware of, ]was heralded as the great “TrumpBot” by Buzzfeed reporter Rob Bernstein. During the 2016 presidential election, Microchip had created a system where he or she could force pro-Trump hashtags to fall under the “Trending” category of Twitter. According to one anonymous alt-right proponent, tracking Microchip’s location or unmasking his or her identity is impossible

“Told you,” writes Microchip in response to the above image. “The Jews are 100% behind XRP and I agree, I don’t give a flying f*ck about privacy or central banks, nor do I care about the future, I only care about making money and fucking women.” 

NBC, which possesses an overwhelmingly Jewish administration, featured an article detailing “How to buy ripple, one of the hottest bitcoin competitors.” It is more difficult to purchase the rising coin, as it is unavailable on popular applications such as Coinbase. 

With 2018 beginning, it seems that cryptocurrency may become increasingly centralized in the future, and heavy-handed accountability may also accompany this change.