America Will Become South Africa: Ann Coulter tells the brutal truth at Breitbart town hall event


At a recent Breitbart town hall event where Ann Coulter appeared as one of the panelists, an identity Evropa member asked her a question about the South African genocide against whites currently going on. She said, after briefly discussing the topic of how the Internet liberated people from the confines of cable news outlets reporting, that America would be in the same situation as South Africa in as little as two generations if the current immigration policies of the US aren’t changed.

These are very bold comments when coming from such a prominent mainstream conservative. Because almost all mainstream conservatives today will not touch the incredibly pertinent issue of demographics in the West. But Ann Coulter recently has not been one to shy away from saying some hard truths to conservatives today. For instance, she recently criticized Pres. Trump for his signing of the omnibus bill on a radio show. Where she said some pretty controversial things like how the US military today is being used as an extension of the welfare program and saying things like she wants to see Trump come through on his campaign promise to build the wall.

It is really great to see a prominent mainstream conservative like Ann Coulter talking about an issue like South Africa and demographics. The situation in South Africa is quite dire since the fall of apartheid in South Africa in 1991 there has been over 4,000 white farmer deaths in South Africa making it the most dangerous profession in the country, and while most of these deaths are reported as robberies in most cases of these “robberies” the white victims were brutally and horrifically tortured to death by black perpetrators and nothing was taken from the property. So it is pretty obvious that this is a genocide and not mass robberies that have gone awry. The prominent YouTuber Lauren Southern recently did a great documentary on the South African genocide.

Which is why Ann Coulter talked about how great alternative media on the Internet is. Because if not for the coverage on YouTube and other online independent media the South African genocide would have been completely swept under the carpet and this would have led to for more bloodshed South Africa.

It is also great to hear Ann talk about the subject of demographics in the United States. Which is something a lot of Americans clearly care about as you could tell from the popularity of trumps campaign promise to build a wall and to reduce immigration. Having a mainstream conservative like her talk about demographics really helps push the Overton window to a place so that we can talk about how culture and race are connected. And no matter where you fall on the side of that argument you have to admit that there is at least enough of a coincidence there to have a dialogue on it.

Because of all of these things, I have recently been very happy with Ann Coulter and we could really use more mainstream conservatives to head the same direction. Not just for the new right wing movement but for the mainstream conservatives as well if they want to remain relevant and actually get to a place where we can get things done.