American Black Supremacist to White South Africans: “You Have Until Nightfall to Get Out of Town”


From the man who brought you “white lives don’t matter” and “kill a kkkraka cop,” comes another racist call to violence, this time against white South Africans.

King Noble, an American black supremacist who closely guards his real identity, has released a video on his YouTube channel telling white Afrikaners “you have until nightfall to get out of town.” He then added a message to his fellow black supremacists in South Africa, “Get the whites in check. Put them in they place.” He also calls for black South Africans and EFF to forcefully remove whites from their land and “make them bow down or lay them down.” Noble has resorted to spewing his hatred on YouTube, as his website was taken by a Veteran-operated initiative known as Counter Domestic Terrorism.

The controversial video, which has yet to be removed by YouTube, despite many reports, supports the RSA government’s expropriation of land from white Afrikaners, commonly referred to as Boers. Noble praises the efforts of EFF radical leader Julius Malema in organizing unlawful colonization of white-owned land, through violence and murder. Noble has been reported as having been in communication with Malema, to discuss coordinating violence against whites in America, South Africa and abroad.

Malema, who was threatened with prison time in 2011 for repeatedly singing “shoot the Boer,” has since become a recognized political leader under RSA’s new regime. The apartheid-era black supremacist song was ruled as hate speech by Judge Colin Lamont. African National Congress, the current ruling party, vehemently denounced the judge’s ruling, claiming it was “appalled” by the judgement, which it said was an attempt to “rewrite undesirable South African history.”

In a time when the ANC is passing legislation that was demonized only years ago when it was originally proposed by EFF leaders, Noble’s call to violence is all the more alarming, as Noble and Malema have a relationship that includes promoting each other’s bigotry on social media, and organizing black supremacists to target police officers and whites.

Such movements as FYF911 (Fuck Yo Flag), which started a nationwide protest on September 11, through the desecration and burning of American flags, and “white lives don’t matter,” which led to dozens of documented cases of violence against whites in 2015, can be traced back to Noble. Through his connections with Black Lives Matter, Noble has been able to promote his organized violence to BLM activists, further radicalizing its extremist members.

King Noble has had surprising success in garnering the support of black Americans, with tens of thousands of users visiting his site before its eventual takedown. Among his supporters is Rakaia Jackson, a federal employee, listed on and as working with the Federal Acquisition Service in Atlanta, Georgia.

It can almost be guaranteed that Noble’s video is being viewed and shared by EFF leaders in South Africa, which will only serve to embolden their attacks against the Boers. Unless social media networks and law enforcement take action, Noble will continue to use YouTube to incite violence against whites in America and all over the world.