As Mark Zuckerberg entered Capital Hill today to give his unconvincing apology in preparation for an entire week of explaining himself to big brother, he was surrounded by strong looking men in police uniforms and suits. All of them had guns. The irony here is the fact that Zuckerberg is a liberal nut case who sneakily advocates for gun control and acts as if it were inhuman not to do so. Zuckerberg may have gained the whole world, but he’s lost his reputation and integrity long before today’s events.   

Although he had police willing and ready to act if anything crazy went down, he’s anti-cop and has been ever since the Black Lives Matter movement rose to popularity. BLM is a violent social movement that takes to the streets and advocates for the death of police officers due to the fact that they think blacks are purposely mistreated by law enforcement. Did Zuckerberg know this wasn’t just a fun innocent movement for change? Yes, he had to have known, but he supported them anyway. 

The Facebook dictator scolded the staff when they wrote “All Lives Matter” instead of “Black Lives Matter” on the walls of the company’s Menlo Park, Calif., campus. Zuckerberg was appalled.

“There have been several recent instances of people crossing out ‘black lives matter’ and writing ‘all lives matter’ on the walls. Despite my clear communication at Q&A last week that this was unacceptable, and messages from several other leaders from across the company, this has happened again. I was already very disappointed by this disrespectful behavior before, but after my communication I now consider this malicious as well.”   

Again, to be pro-BLM is to be anti-cop, there’s no way around that. So why does he have cops surrounding him? Oh, because he’s a hypocrite. 

Zuckerberg is also one of those “gun control now” advocates. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, he took to Facebook to ever so slightly nudge at his stance on gun control. “It’s hard to imagine why we don’t make it much harder for anyone to do this,” he wrote. He has also unapologetically paired with “Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America,” a group that’s just as it sounds. The whole point was to stop people from selling guns to their friends on Facebook, yet another creepy way for Zuckerberg to be involved in our lives. 

Anti-Cop and Anti-gun, yet he has layers of cops and armed security. When you’re as rich and crazy as Mark Zuckerberg, the mainstream media lets you get away with lies and hypocrisy, especially when there’s something in it for them. In this case, he has to stay safe so that he can fight against free speech and shove any liberal agenda he wants in our faces. How much longer until we’re all fed up with him and leave Facebook in the dust?