Arn Menconi is a social justice activist and Green Party politician from Colorado. Having served two terms on the Eagle County Commission as former Democrat, Menconi is no stranger to political affairs, and having been arrested several times due to anti-war and pro-Obamacare protests, he is unsurprisingly the kind of person who would call his followers to literally lay down in front of the military tanks that will presumably be present at President Donald J. Trump’s military parade later this year.

Arn Menconi, Green Party activist.

American displays of military power are relatively uncommon within American borders, and the shows of such strength by nations such as Russia and France are historically uncommon in the United States. The last of its kind took place in June 1991, when 8,800 U.S. troops and the weapons that helped the United States win the Persian Gulf War against Saddam Hussein were celebrated in Washington. 

Evidently, some American citizens are unhappy with the plans for an American military parade and have begun to protest what they consider to be a “military authoritarian” state. 

On February 6, 2017, Menconi published a seven minute video on his Facebook timeline. The call-to-action urged viewers to lay in front of the tanks that will be presented at the military parade, with a caption reading: “I’ll be laying in front of the tanks if Trump brings out a Military parade. Will you?” You can see the original here

Official numbers, counting upward as the date draws nearer, for the amount of protesters to attend the military parade and lay down in front of the tanks have been published regularly on Menconi’s Twitter timeline.

Is a military parade innapropriate for the most powerful country in all of human history? Seeing that, according to CNN, the parade will be held on Veteran’s Day, the parade could be an entirely laudable way of supporting our troops. Whether or not the parade is defensible or not, it will certainly be entertaining to watch a hundred anti-military activists lay down in front of ten-ton war vehicles.