The Anti Fascist Organisation may be incompetent as far as their knowledge of politics and culture is concerned, but just recently one of their sympathizers was able to write a semi-comprehensible article titled,The alt-right is in decline. Has antifascist activism worked?” by Jason Wilson, published to The Guardian. Other Antifa, SJW, and Feminist types jumped for joy as they proclaimed victory, shoving a link to the article in everyone’s faces on social media platforms. Here is just a small snippet from the said article:

“Consider the failure of Spencer’s long-planned address at Michigan State University. Though it was spring break, students and organized antifascist groups showed up to protest, and Spencer gave his pitch for a white ethnostate to an almost empty auditorium. He issued 150 tickets, but only managed to get 20 people along. Spencer himself blamed the protesters for the event’s failure, just as he is blaming them for his movement’s declining ability to muster any numbers in public.”  

“Various ‘March 4 Trump’ events around the country, featuring alt-right contingents, were also small and met with significant counterprotests.”

Yes, Richard Spencer is Alt-Right, and yes, they have had a significant amount of quarreling amongst themselves as of late, but despite what the article tells us, not everyone with hard right beliefs is Alt-Right. Many figures that the left would consider “Alt-Right” are doing substantially well for themselves. From where I’m sitting, the right isn’t losing; we are winning. 

Do you want examples? Cause I’ve got some. Tommy Robinson, Lauren Southern, Caolan Robertson, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner. All of these people played some sort of role in the big UK controversy that unfolded just over a week ago. When Southern, Pettibone, and Sellner were banned from entering the UK due to their “racist” anti-Islam beliefs, many well-known right-wing figures as well as some who don’t necessarily agree, united together and offered their support. Once all three of them were released from their detention areas, the press opportunities for them were boundless. Everyone from Nigel Farage to Alex Jones, to Tommy Robinson, spoke out against the happenings and reinforced the importance of free speech.   

Tommy Robinson gave a successful presentation concerning free speech at Speakers Coner in Hyde Park London just recently as well. When pro-Muslim protesters arrived to stir up trouble, Tommy had the numbers, and they were able to protect him from any harm that would have come. 

One final example is Mark Meechan (Count Dankula.) Although things are looking bleak for the YouTube content creator, other YouTuber’s have come out and spoken against the injustices being committed. The only ones seriously condemning him are triggered liberals and… triggered liberals. One tweet from Keem Star reads:

“Dear You’re not a failure to society. It is in fact society, that has failed you.”

Another tweet of encouragement by YouTuber I Hate Everything says:

“This man is being jailed for making an edgy joke on the internet. A great injustice, so disappointed in my country.”

Though we on the right have and probably always will have our fair share of haters and dilemmas, we somehow manage to use those things to our advantage. With our tragedy comes the inspiration for others who have been too afraid to speak their minds. We on the right promote freedom of speech, and the more liberals try to take it away from us, the harder we fight back. So no Antifa, you aren’t succeeding, you’re failing miserably.