Whether we agree with their beliefs or not, Gay Pride Parades (for the most part) are well… gay. Happy. Bright. Enthusiastic and peaceful. They march around with rainbow flags, wear really weird clothing, and tell everybody how proud they are to be gay. Annoying? Most certainly, especially if you feel as though they’re shoving an agenda down your throat. But these marches tend to keep it fairly peaceful.

When you start putting Sweden, Muslims, and Antifa into the mix, however, you have a recipe for disaster. Recently in Stockholm Sweden, a Gay pride event was held that caused a bit of controversy. Everything was going great until someone made a wrong turn. Specifically, those participating in the march entered a predominantly Muslim territory. What happened next is a little confusing, to say the least. 

Antifa (short for Anti-Fascists) hit the scene, and they were not at all pleased with the locations the Gay Pride marchers were choosing. Why? Because it was living proof that Muslims don’t support gays. Instead, in their own countries, they throw them off of bridges and stone them to death. One Sweedish Antifa member (clearly supporting communism) had this to say in an interview promoted by VFN:


“It’s a propagation against the Muslim population here. I think it’s a private thing what gays do in the bed.” 

Yeah, that attire of her’s sure makes me wanna subscribe to Antifa! (That was sarcasm folks.) 

Antifa began calling out those in the march, saying how they’re “fascist” and “in the wrong”. The reporter who covered the event noted how some people were saying it was “a PR stunt, aimed at dividing communities.” But isn’t Antifa supposed to be pro-gay AND pro-Muslim? It seems that when they finally realized the tension between each community, they got triggered by the idea of having to choose one to side with. Whoever then, was to be the enemy, would have to be labeled as Nazi’s and fascists. So now, according to Antifa, gay people are racist Neo Nazi’s who only march in Muslim areas to be offensive to their opposition.

More and more gays are being red pilled so to speak, with Milo Yiannopolos leading the revolution. After this incident, I wouldn’t be surprised if even greater numbers turned away from far left movements and joined the right side of political and social issues. Only time will tell, but we still have enough red pills to go around.     


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  • nyctreeman

    Watching the left eat it’s own is a beautiful thing!

    • Amy Carter

      It’s like an accident

      • GI Joe

        LOL! Right! I know I SHOULD look away, but I can’t!

        • Amy Carter

          Apparently antifa and some evangelicals were protesting at UNC chapel hill.

      • Deploracles the Infidel

        That you CAN’T STOP WATCHING.

        • Amy Carter

          Yes we’re sorry

    • Neroke2013

      Wouldn’t go that far. The regressive movement has been slowly but surely turning their backs on this group. Especially white men

    • FenHarelPSN

      Gays do not belong to the left. Letting that mindset take over doesn’t help anyone.There’s plenty of gay people that do not fall in far left territory, and even plenty still that are well on the right.

    • UMadeUrChoice

      Why do I get the sense that their “turn down the wrong street” was similar to what happens when a gay couple walks into a christian bakery.
      Provocation can be effective, but sometimes it’s just Brutish and wrong.
      All I’m saying is, ALL 3 groups of them are in the wrong.
      Taxpayers pay for the streets, so no one decides who walks where.

    • Jhandoo Balmaa

      Eating it’s own WHAT ??

      Possibilities, they are aplenty .. & speculations, they are rife

      Reccos .. ANYONE ??

    • Barry So-sotero

      ^ its own ^
      “it’s” is a contraction of it and is.

      • Jon Fyock

        Gee hope I pass emgulish

        • GregBrady

          If someone claims to be a writer, perhaps he or she should actually be able to write correctly? This isn’t a Facebook comment, it’s an article.

          • Gr0yper Snails 🐵 (Jews Rock!


    • yael58

      Isn’t it? One of the few times I’d endorse cannibalism 😂😂😂

    • Raphael Stephen-Pons

      Its fake news

  • Frontierland

    History rhymes…

    Jews like Trotsky, after overthrowing Russia during the mostly Jewish organized and funded Bolshevik Revolution, had flee the Soviet Union when Stalin came to power.

    Unfortunately they left and came to the US, the descendants of whom are now the Jewish NeoCons.

    • Max Glazer

      Those Trotskist Jews are responsible for, according to historical research, for deaths of millions of ethnic Russians through famine and terror of the 20s. In fact way more than died over 32 years of Stalin. Stalin had to clean out that cancer back in USSR.

  • Heavy Combat Cyborg

    The Cognitive dissonance is more real than the struggle.

  • The Hangman

    Sodomites should be rotting at the bottom of a mass grave, not marching.

  • Warren

    Just give the progressives enough rope and they’ll all hang each other.

    • dikfor

      Last time progressives had rope, black people didn’t fare so well.

      • thoughtsmith

        Well besides the fact that those were actually conservatives with the ropes. If facts matter anyway.

        • whaddacrock

          Still rewriting history, I see. History will tell you that the KKK is and was an offshoot…a branch, if you will, of the Democrat party….you earned it, wear it with pride….

          • The Democrat party *was* the conservative party in the 19th century. That’s well known history:


          • GI Joe

            That would depend entirely upon one’s definition of “conservative” now wouldn’t it?

          • Not quite. Every age has people who defend sticking to what works (conservatives) vs. those who want to try something untested (progressives). In the 19th the Democrat Party was the one with most politicians of the first kind, and the Republican Party the one with most politicians of the second kind.

            Now, sure, if you want to draw a left-right line and position parties in there, you’ll find that compared to European traditional conservatism the current GOP is center-left and the current DEM is left. But what’d be the usefulness of that?

          • thoughtsmith

            Lol, nah you’ll note I said “conservative”, just like what i was responding to falsely claimed “progressive”.

            Interesting that you jumped to “Democrat” on your own.

            We all know the actual history of both parties of course. The Civil Rights bills that were pushed by the moderate Eisenhower and following democratic presidents greatly angered Southern conservative Democrats, causing them to either leave the Democratic party entirely or never vote Democratic in the federal election again. They became Republican conservative voters at the federal level. And this is what we have today.

            This was also deliberately pushed by Nixon as part of the famous southern strategy, which you also must have heard of. If you haven’t, look it up. Basically it’s how white racists were manipulated to turn against the Democratic Party at the federal level.

            This is how parties can actually change over the course of a hundred fifty years.

          • Wallace Kennett

            The ideological founder of the KKK, Albert Pike, Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood founder), Woodrow Wilson, Adolf Hitler, the Clintons,et.al., all called themselves “Progressive Socialists” (NAZI=”National Socialist Party” in German), were all racist eugenicists, privately Luciferians, and members of the Democratic party or a socialist party. Margaret Sanger called blacks “human weeds that need to be culled”. Hillary Clinton called blacks “Superpredators that need to be brought to heal”. Margaret Sanger was a personal friend of Hitler and visited him often.

          • thoughtsmith

            So you’re really doing it. You’re claiming that the majority of white racists voted for Obama in 2008.

            You’re also claiming the majority of US white separatists voted for Clinton in the 90s and onwards. For parties and candidates that supported racial integration and increased funding for minorities. And who also increased the prosecution of white racists.

            And you’re claiming this happened in 2016 as well.

            You can see how that doesn’t work right?

          • Larry Leeder

            “Luciferians”? Hahaha, you have no clue what you’re talking about.

          • Wallace Kennett

            The majority of the white supremacist/separatist groups voted for Clinton in 1992, 1996, 2008, & 2016. The Clinton/Gore 1992 campaign buttons had a Confederate flag on them.

          • Lucy Shades

            Thoughtsmith! I appreciate your effort at spreading the truth in this wretched place riddled with pathological lies. However I am afraid to say I believe you’re wasting your time! These people are not concerned with facts at all, no matter how clear your words are, I know this too well. I believe your intellectual efforts would be best applied somewhere better! – Cheers from me, a libertarian socialist

          • thoughtsmith

            Thanks very much Lucy 🙂 I’m sure you’re right. I do like to just drop some facts as I go by, but I can move on to more food for things. Again, very much appreciated.

          • Kaddy

            Oxymoron that – ‘libertarian socialist’

          • gtrippp

            So when did they supposedly switch names? Cuz the GOP fought FOR every civil rights bill, while the dems had a KKK member up until a few years ago.
            Plus, Dems have ALWAYS been, and still ARE, pro-abortion and anti-guns.
            Not to mention that there’s no way the GOP would assume the name of the party that’s ALWAYS been on the wrong side of history, while allowing those evil f**ks to tske THEIR name. How stupid must one be to believe such nonsense, or to beliieve in anything Dems say?

          • thoughtsmith

            If you’re interested in the history of both parties, the change occurred somewhat gradually from the progressive presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, who wound up working against the GOP’s changing into a less progressive party until he left it entirely for his own third party. After that, a further clear line was crossed by Republican Herbert Hoover, who fired loyal black Republican leaders from high places in the Republican Party as part of starting to curry favour with Southern racist Democratic voters in the south.

            But yes, it’s true that in the 60s a lot of Northern Republicans, who were of a now rare breed of liberal and moderates such as Nelson Rockefeller, worked with Northern Democrats and against Southern Republicans and democrats for the Civil Rights bills.

            It’s also worth noting, as I did previously, that the moderate Republican Eisenhower and the liberal Democratic presidents JFK and LBJ signed civil rights legislation into law. So right there, it should be clear that this theory that Democrats always were as racist as they were in the late 1800 simply doesn’t work. If it were true, those democratic presidents would have vetoed the Civil Rights bills.

            But then, getting back to the Civil Rights bills and the resulting Fallout, they caused Southern Democratic party racist to become very angry with the Democratic party at the federal level. This was further taken advantage of by Richard Nixon, with what he called the southern strategy.

            The southern strategy involves basically using publicly acceptable dog whistles to refer to minorities, and to take advantage of anger at minority’s to gain Southern votes. This is what made the Republican Party much more favored in the South, which was previously a Democratic stronghold.

            And separately, the fact that the South used to be a Democratic party stronghold at the federal level and local level but is now largely a Republican stronghold, should also make it pretty clear that the parties have changed quite a bit since 150 years ago.

          • Joe Cates

            wow, talk about getting off topic from the post to the look at me follow up…..so, tell me..are the antifa that attacked this gay march conservatives or progressives since that seems to be all there is?

          • PaulMurrayCbr

            > are the antifa that attacked this gay march conservatives or progressives

            They are traditional, late 19th century bomb-throwing anarchists. The red and black antifa logo is a nod to anarcho-syndicalism.

          • PaulMurrayCbr

            > So when did they supposedly switch names?

            1963-1970. Barry Goldwater’s “Southern Strategy”. Look it up.

          • Jhandoo Balmaa

            The parties “switched” .. in the 60s

            That much is common knowledge .. to even us brown folks .. here in India

          • Bawk Bawkbagawk

            oh, burn.

        • Richard Wadzinski Jr

          if it is just a matter, get Hillary to wipe it with a cloth, smash it with a hammer, and poof it goes away ! never happened then right?

  • Nohbody

    I wonder if the decision (well, maybe not quite so thoughtful, given that crowd) to support Muslims over gays had anything to do with the fact that the former are far more likely to threaten to kill you if they think you “dissed” them.

    • Dev K

      you hit the nail on the head !

      • Saar Grin

        thats offensive !

        • GI Joe

          But true.

        • Deploracles the Infidel


  • Forrest

    Think it’s great and would be fun to watch them claw each other up in a parade.

  • John27

    Provocation, not propagation.

  • Flo

    They act like lobsters 😀

  • Skógr

    Amazing how Europeans are willingly giving their countries to these filthy Muslims. It’s sad they even let them in in the first place, and now commies are seemingly joining rapefugees?

    • Robert Urmetz

      When an political ideology is also deity driven there is not much hope or method to changer their world view. This is a dangerous game the world is playing. Clearly somebody is using the follower of Mo as useful pawns to destabilize 1st world nations. What is the end game and have these unknown actors, underestimated their control of world event?

  • jersy lilly

    Put all of them on a island Maybe will kill each other off.

  • Gadfly156

    Can’t wait to see phase 2 in which the moslem scum make power grabs and kill their leftist “allies” because they are still infidels etc.

    • UMadeUrChoice

      Actually, that was in The “legendary” 3rd Paine Letter. Something about using Islam to gather all people under one and then replace it with a Luciferian doctrine.
      Fake or not, it seems prescient.

  • Fay

    Antifa is not the far left. Antifa reminds me more and more of Hitler brown shirts. The true left should support LGBT. Antifa is extremely dangerous and should be stopped.

    • BooBooBaby

      Many Lefties are like Hitler.

    • easternpeace

      yes, because the brownshirt were degenerate mask wearing communists. The far left ranges from anarchy to communism, both espoused by antifa.

    • Lucy Shades

      My dude, maybe if you weren’t so guillible for fake news you wouldn’t be so ignorant! No offense, but pathetic is an understatement. Let me explain: find me any proof that this news isn’t fake. Any mention or it in another website, anything, any sources, any witnessess, ANY evidence.

    • Annie

      Hitler and his Nazis were on the left. Antifa is on the left. Their ideology is of the left, totalitarian. The ‘far right’ is anarchy.

  • Brett S

    Please tell me this is a parody site like the Onion.

  • Rod Fell

    If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.

    • Max Glazer

      Already did and already owns the USA. Whole congress and senate are puppets of corporates and other super-rich.

    • Robbins Mitchell

      “If fascism ever comes to America,it will do so in the guise of an ‘anti-fascist’ political party”

      ~Gov. Huey P. Long~

    • Annie

      It’s already here and it is of the left….democrat, antifa, blacklivesmatter, Occupy, etc.

  • Liberty Dankmeme

    best article ever – i would totally buy u a coffee too

  • Max Glazer

    Why is there a photo of a person in Russia celebrating the Victory Day attached to an Antifa article? Author, are you braindead?

  • Amy

    Please stop using apostrophes with plurals. It’s confusing and distracting. It should be “hers” and “Nazis.”
    That said, I agree with you entirely that gays who, for example, demonstrate against Israel in support of the Palestinians, when gay Palestinians flee to Tel Aviv to save their lives, are acting against their own interests without even realizing it. Instead of being knee-jerk leftists, gay people should really educate themselves to understand which side of various issues they should be on.

  • Kaitrin Curran Snodgrass

    There was no sources in this article so I decided to do some digging. Turns out that this pride parade is actually an unofficial pride parade. It was being planned by Swedens Right-Wing nationalist party. This party is known for being Xenophobic and anti-immigration. “They believe the agenda behind this parade organised by the far-right is to try to provoke Muslims in the predominantly immigrant areas.” I’d love to see where you got the sources that ANTIFA was involved at all cuz in my digging I couldn’t find any link to ANTIFA but this is a ploy by the right wing party. Here are two sources I found Check em out. This kinda fear mongering is pretty dangerous don’t you think?https://www.haaretz.com/rightist-swedes-plan-gay-march-through-muslim-areas-of-stockholm-1.5378770


    • Lee Thomas Holstein

      Ya do know Al-Jazeera news is Muslim owned right…

      • Kaitrin Curran Snodgrass

        The reason I linked the Al-Jazeera is because they talked directly to people involved with the event. Sure Al-Jazeera obviously has it’s own leanings but this site is hardly credible. Also it seems from what i researched the event is still currently schedule to happen and I couldn’t find any sources that mentioned antifa’s involvement. I would love if the author of this article had provided sources for her claims but she didn’t so I’m pretty sure this is “fake news” pushing a right agenda. I’m the type of person that need several credible sources before I’ll believe something.

        • harry baker

          shut up jewish bitch

          • Kaitrin Curran Snodgrass

            Not sure why you think I’m Jewish. I’m not I’m Irish Catholic (I have the most clearly Gaelic name) but that’s neither here nor there. As soon as you resort to name calling you’ve pretty much already lost all intellectual holding in a discussion. Hopefully one day you will grow to be a kinder more understanding person. I wish you the best.

    • harry baker

      shut the fuck up you subversive kike

  • BooBooBaby

    This is Awesome!

    Antifa is Racist against Gays. That’s ok, we conservatives are more than happy to take the Gays in on our side.

    See how Antifa picked the Muslims over the Gay people?

  • Devin Hallsworth

    This is why more and more gays are abandoning the left. Just as the white working class abandoned them and soon african americans and latinos will also abandon them.

  • Enigeist

    Totally predictable, the moment will arrive where SJWs will recieve the bill of having defended precisely the “equalitarian” doctrines and religious minorities that most despise them.

  • BabyGirl

    Well Muslims offend me, make them go away.
    So sick of these idiots trying to change this country into theirs.
    They don’t like the way we do things, they can just go back where they came from!!!! Sick of these idiots.

    • Trevor Terry

      Amen! Who migrates to Muslim nations as a non Muslim??? lol

      NO ONE.

    • Shane TrashSeagull

      There have been muslims in pretty much every nation of the world for a very long time. Who are “we”? Who elected you to speak for any group?

  • Jason Dendy

    When did this happen?

    • Gorgon

      It didn’t it’s all make believe.

  • Darth Jader

    Love it when the regressives devour each other…shows just how ridiculous they are.

  • Jay Labiterude

    I did not see any antifa in the original report from RT.
    And I did not hear any “allahu akbar”.

  • Jay Labiterude

    Yeah, delete my comment.

    Like I said : No antifa and no “allahu akbar” in the original RT report.

    Very professional to use manipulated reports to justify your own racism.

  • jess

    Gays do offend Muslims. Either one declares oneself an Islamic state that executes homosexuals, or one bans Islam and jails all adherents. There is absolutely no middle ground.

  • Karl Gallagher

    Gays haven’t been welcomed by The Left for many years, they swapped us for muslims. We do notice these things.

    • Annie

      Then why does the vast majority of the gay community continue to vote for democrats, in the US?

  • Lewis Joiner

    You don’t want to watch, but you can’t help yourself…

  • kodster

    How interesting that the Antifa would side with the Muslims… I remember that this is what the Turks did, with the Communist-aligned Axis powers during WWI and II. History about to repeat itself?

  • Shane TrashSeagull

    Some muslims don’t agree with homosexuality just like some Christians, or some Stalinists (the woman in the picture). There are big differences between left groups just like right groups. Muslims are no more all terrorists than Christians are all KKK supporters. You need to read up the history to see where these people are coming from.

  • JohnGa1t

    How is wearing and carrying the hammer and sickle flag any less offensive than the swastika. Idiots.

  • Shelter Somerset

    The rainbow-colored bus is crowded. Who has to sit in the back? Ask me, I’m a gay man.

  • poot toot (thot slayer)

    Congratulation, you played yourself

  • stevej777

    Ever been to a gay pride parade in San Francisco? Happy…bright…enthusiastic…peaceful??? How about deranged…obscene…and over-the-top vile?

  • Hachimaro

    I love it. It may make more gay people disillusioned with the left. I’m tired of people assuming I’m leaning left just because of my sexual preference.

  • thoughtsmith

    Among the things that are wrong with this piece:

    – This piece’s link to VFN doesn’t give the full name of “Very Fake News”.

    – This piece point out that the video “Very Fake News” cuts from, a “Russia Today” piece, literally says *in its headline* that the ***Far Right** led the parade into Muslim areas.

    This actually makes pretty clear that it really was the Far Right seeking to cause provocation. So the video itself makes the case that the person writing this article is attempting to dispute and blame on the left.

    (Screenshot attached because I’m OCD, and also just care about accurate reporting and facts.)


  • UMadeUrChoice

    Eventually, after each group has been craved out and targeted, they will all flock to some collectively fascist leadership that promises to protect them all, without every explaining how.
    The rhetoric will be enough as the NLP works on each affected individual who looks to a Group for safety and preservation.
    Encouraged Tribalism that will inevitably lead to a succumbing to Authoritative Rule that will suppress us all equally.

  • disqus_goKBqSzJhb

    Which genius finally figured it out, I wonder

  • Larry Crawfgord

    Both groups are human waste: Flush them.

  • me-ow

    Social justice ends with —> Everyone who is not me is offensive..

  • John Doe

    Not sure if this is even legit.

    As much as I think antifa are disgusting excuses of human beings.

  • Kate Maxon

    Yup. Never could wrap my head around the “Gay aligned with Muslim” thing…..it is the Ultimate Oxymoron!!

  • Jake Harris

    Entirely fabricated article… The march was organised by a far right group to purposely go through a predominantly muslim neighbourhood.

    The only thing you’re ‘triggering’, is the stupidity of your readers who just lap it all up.

  • Lucy Shades

    Shameless fake news! How tragic it is that people still take this bait.

  • Barry So-sotero

    This is a joke column, right? Any professional writer knows Nazis and hers don’t contain apostrophes, and Swedish has only one e.

  • Emmelina Ogilvy

    If you re a left-winger then you MUST educate yourself about Islam and you MUSTNT conflate criticism of religion and culture with racism or xenophobia…If you defend Islam like you have been doing we are going to end up like Iran in the late ’70s…Educate yourself on how the Ayatolla got into power in Iran while being supported by the left…and then on how the left were persecuted and killed once the religious got into power… If you are truly lefty you should be ANTI-honour culture,ANTI-patriarchy, ANTI-hijab and ANTI- religion…

  • Jakub Karabuła-Stysiak

    Nice Fake News fucking nazis 🙂

    Demonstrations was done by Sweden Democrats. Quick check in wiki since I am not from Sweden gave me quotes listed below. Antifa was protesting against literal neo nazis not against LGBT. Get your shit together Alisha.

    “The party had its roots in Swedish fascism”
    “the party has been described as far-right,[13] right-wing populist,[4][14] national-conservative,[15] and anti-immigration.[16]”
    “Among the founding party officials were several people that had formerly expressed strong support for the ideology of Nazism”

  • Dexter Van Zile

    I wonder of Ryan Holiday is involved with this.

  • Bob Sydney

    So sick of this left vs right narrative you lot preach (on both sides). You’re both equally wings of the same diseased bird and are the problem. Grow up and stop being sheep

  • Ramsmeat

    They’re fascist anti-fascist.

  • dirtydog1776

    Fun to watch their heads explode as they try to reconcile the differences in the contradictions inherent in their ideology.

  • gtrippp

    The Nazis and Fascist Italy also teamed w/ the Ottoman Empire, and gays were some of the worst off. Amazing how people can be too stupid to realize that the “anti” fascists sure act a lot like Fascist Nazis did.

  • Gerald Leddin

    Antifa’s a sick joke going around calling everyone who does not think like them Nazi’s and fascists, because they are totally immersed in communism themselves..

  • Bron Jon

    Of course this is going to happen, the left will have to choose who to support the most, and Islam wins. They win over the left’s other groups. Be it women, Abortion rights, gays, minorities, for some reason the left will choose Islam because of the left’s detestation and hysterical hatred for Christianity.
    Additionally, they probably fear Islam, So…

  • Will Grimm

    Did any of you watch the source video? VFN stands for Very Fake News. This entire article is based on fake news.

  • Jim Deferio

    We call them “homofascists” and of course the antifa are mainly hypocritical anarchists. Both groups have used violence to promote their agendas.

  • Knave Murdok

    Basically everyone I’ve ever known who agrees with or supports antifa in any way is queer in some way, so i’m calling bullshit on this one 😛

  • Raphael Stephen-Pons

    Fake news

  • This is fake! ANTIFA isn’t a hate group. Quit trying to spread hate like the Nazis do.

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    The gay community only took the silver in the last Oppression Olympics.

  • GregBrady

    You repeatedly used ‘s in words that should be plural. If you are going to be a writer, you should be careful with that difference! “that attire of her’s” (should be hers); “racist Neo Nazi’s” (should be Nazis in both places where you used the word). Interesting article otherwise.

  • Brandon Ross Fontaine

    If you believe this article I have a bridge to sell you, and then after that I have an African Prince trying to give millions of dollars away to introduce you too. From there Bill Gates. Same thing.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    And now you know what the violent left is actually all about. We – the west – are under attack by an enemy that determined 1400 years ago to destroy us. They have not changed. I rather hope they turn their attention to the Chinese, who will react very, very differently to us.

    Fascinating to see that there is only one group standing against muslims annexing certain neighbourhoods as sharia law zones. Seems only the homosexuals have any balls. Make no mistake: any group promulgating and enforcing their own laws on the sovereign territory of a country is committing treachery.

  • Marek

    any link to source? or you like to provide old fake news?

  • Kat

    Identity politics split right down the middle and tossed off the roof!

  • John Bball

    To leftists this is the rule:
    Republicans<Christians<Men<Women<Black<Hispanic<Gay<Illegal Aliens<Muslims<big Government.