We hear often of ISIS, the threat they impose, and the brave souls who sacrifice everything to keep us safe from them as well as other terrorist threats. But the devil we know, *cough cough Antifa* may perhaps be a more dangerous opponent.

November 4th is quickly approaching, and we all need to be prepared for the potential danger this rally will surly cause. Unite The Right’s disaster due to counter protesters will have nothing on this; instead of several angry libtards coming together in one spot to counter protest, we will see larger numbers scattered across different states. They plan to gather in the heart of our cities, so if you live anywhere near these places, and are not planning to counter protest, stay home. Maybe hop on down to your local Wally World and stalk up on things like bread and milk, a hurricane of libtards are coming, be ready stay woke.

Seriously though, all right wingers are MacGyver jokes aside, Antifa is a dangerous threat. More dangerous in fact, than the terrorists we face in the Middle East. I say this, knowing that groups like ISIS have more weapons and all the terrorist groups put together vastly outdo Antifa in numbers. I say this, because Antifa and their dangerous ideology, are right here in our back yards. They have knives, guns, and minds controlled by the media. They are inspired by what their “leaders” say; they want to take every necessary action in order to achieve peace. For Antifa, peace does not come without a price, there must first be war. 

War is not what we, their opposition, want. We want to wake the sleeping. Silence the toxic words of those who poison the young into doing the kinds of things that Antifa are doing. We don’t need violence to claim victory, we need people. People to wake up and realize that terrorism is living among us. People who are unapologetic and unafraid to speak their mind. 

The Anti Fascist groups are just like creepy Muslim cults: they bring you in on the promise that you’ll be apart of something good. They make you feel apart of an organized team. You don’t understand why someone would be against what you’re doing, therefore they must be the bigoted enemy. They use words to cut you down, hoping to make you feel ashamed and inferior. Words like Nazi, bigot, and white supremacist, are their choice of mental ammo. Meanwhile, actual Nazi’s scoff and laugh. Basically, because we are against Antifa, we are the infidels. All violence against people labeled as fascist is legitimate and acceptable. Claims of Antifa attacking those who refuse to condemn those “Naiz’s” have also surfaced.         


Burning property, attacking those who are labeled inferior, pushing their agenda on everyone else. Antifa, you are a danger to our country, how much longer do you expect us to put up with you?
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