Antifa, Social Justice Warriors, and oddball lefties alike have many things in common, the only differences lie in how involved they are in their cause. One cringy thing in which they all passionately share is their ability- or rather lack of ability, to meme. “The left can’t meme” is a meme in it of itself, and with good reason; the left really can’t meme. It took me less than an hour to find almost 100 awful memes created by SJW’s. Today, we are going to be looking at just a few of them. 

This cringy Antifa meme reads, “eat the rich,” and below pictures a fat woman in proper SJW attire riding a statue of an elephant. It even has the communist symbol glowing in the corner. What’s wrong with this? Everything. They used the same lasers and font that was originally coined by right-wingers, therefore admitting to the world that they’re not cool enough to be original. Being a right-winger is the new “edgy” thing to do, and leftists can’t help but try to be cool and “in.”

Liberty and Justice have been symbols of patriotism and freedom for as long as they’ve been around. Now SJW’s are placing them in inappropriate positions and making them kiss. “Now we’re talking!” The meme reads. If we didn’t have enough people forcing the gay agenda, now we have more.  

And now, in a time where social justice has never been more needed than it is now… meets the gender inclusive Car Bears! Some are trans, some are gay, but none of them are cis! Adorning symbols like the gay pride flag, a crossed out swastika, and a feminist/black power/Antifa/commie clenched fist, these bears are ready to show the world that “by any means necessary,” they will achieve every dream that CNN gave them. 

Here’s one of those ecards, and for some weird reason they’re always petty and a little harsh, but when the left writes them about political issues, you can expect nothing less than total cringe. This one reads, “I’m not deleting you because we have differing political views, it’s because you get yours from Fox News and you honestly believe them.” So basically, SJW’s are unfriending people on Facebook because they are right-wingers and watch Fox News. Can you get any more retarded? Just agree to disagree and move on. 

All we really have to say is this; what part of “shall not be infringed” do these people not understand? 

“Hungry for revolution,” quoted the Reddit user who posted the pro-communist meme. If red and yellow are colors that make you want to eat the most unhealthy food possible, then why wouldn’t they make you also want to be a communist? “The left can’t propaganda” just might have to be a thing now.     

So there we have it, just a few examples of why the left really can’t meme. It seems as if the right has their technique down to perfection, so maybe instead of dying their armpits blue and burning limos, they should stay at home and learn how to make a proper meme.