A day after the cancelled Freedom Rally in California another event moved forward despite its own organizers last minute attempts at cancellation.  An event that ended in violence and featured some rather disturbing imagery all brought to us by the lefts favorite new militant enforcers over at Antifa.

When a few brave so called “Alt-Righters” dared show their face at the No to Marxism in America Rally multiple mobs of Antifa thugs were quick to descend on them.  Here below for example you can see a group of 5 attacking a defenseless rally goer on the ground.

Others were beaten with sign posts or pepper sprayed including the Latino for Trump members you can see here below.

Even NBC news was forced to cover the violence.

Many examples of Pro-Trump items including MAGA hats were burned as well. Many ripped right from their owners heads.

The Police were even forced to retreat out of the park where the Rally was to be held.  Simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of protesters.

The retreating Police were eventually forced to start firing tear gas into the clearly hostile crowd.  Note the chants of “fuck the Police” being thrown out by these so called Anti-Hate activists.

Below we have a rather terrifying bit of irony featuring these so called Anti-Fascists marching and chanting in a disturbing show of cultish force.

Those flags and signs the Antifa members are carrying advertising their support for the Democratic Socialists of America

To give you an idea of the sheer disproportion in numbers between the two sides that showed up to Berkeley this past Sunday. Here is a picture of the plaza once the Police had been pushed out of it.  Take special note of the infamous Anarchy flag being waved proudly over the crowd, and ask yourself if these people really have American values at heart?

In comparison here we have a lone Trump supporter on the other side of this same crowd under Police protection.

Despite being a first hand witness to all these examples of leftist violence. Shane Bauer, writer for liberal news magazine Mother Jones made it clear that he viewed the day as a great victory of some kind.

But how great a victory could this be when he even admits himself just how few actual Rally goers were even in attendance?

Regardless of the actual ideas being expressed.  What is braver and more American in practice?  A few lone individuals daring to express unpopular thoughts in the face of an overwhelming hostile mob.  Or a monolithic mass collective working together to suppress all uncomfortable alternative viewpoints? This is a question more American’s must start asking themselves. 


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