Though this protest happened in the summer of 2016, Charlottesville is still a hot topic among the media and left-wing activists alike. The reason behind this is simple, Unite The Right (though aspects of it were extremely flawed) actually managed to somewhat unite the right. When Trump said that not everyone who attended was a white supremacist, he wasn’t lying. There were conservatives, a few libertarians, people waving “Don’t Tred On Me” flags, Confederate flags, there were members of various right-wing groups as well as people whose only allegiance is to their country. And Yes, there were definitely some Nazi’s there. Hey liberals, ever heard of speech?   

Regardless of which right-wing groups were represented, there were also a larger amount of not-so-peaceful protesters who unfortunately attended as well. One of them, was Antifa member Nic Smith, a Twenty-something-year-old waiter at Waffle House. In an interview with Splinter, Smith refuses to comment when asked if “punching white supremacists” was a regular occurrence for him. Instead, he assured all of his Antifa comrades that the counter-protest in Charlottesville was only the “tip of the iceberg” and that bigger things were coming. He also found himself triggered by the fact that “Nazi’s don’t take a passive approach to genocide”. Maybe he should lay off the mushrooms before trying to start a communist revolution.

Recently, a video was published on YouTube titled, “Nic Smith of Roanoke, VA attacks Michael Hill!” This video demonstrates the madness created by Antifa during Unite The Right. Michael Hill, leader of League of the South (a group advocating for Southern secession), was attacked by Nic Smith who initiated the confrontation. Hill, of course, defended himself, but that was only met by endless screeching and complaining from the overweight Antifa buffoon. 

Why hasn’t Nic Smith been arrested yet? A right winger can lose their job, get doxxed, and in some cases arrested for being vocal about their beliefs, but one who brutally attacks another human being and advocates for communism? He tends to be praised by the mainstream media and evidently the court system. 

Plain and simple, Nic Smith broke the law and got caught doing so. Now it’s up to the media. Will this be reported? Will Smith be charged and arrested? I highly doubt either of those will come to pass, which only proves to us how dangerously hypocritical the system, media, and politics have truly become.         

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