ANTIFA: Pro-lifers Are the New “Nazis.” Moving the Goalposts and Punching Right


The supply of Nazis in America does not currently meet the demand, so ANTIFA, in it’s quest to find more and more Nazis, has moved the goalposts yet again to reach further into the pool of conservatives and traditionalists to find people to hate.

During the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, many on the Left referred to all his supporters as “Nazis.” It’s a tactic used on many republican candidates and was even used on people like George W. Bush even though he was vocally opposed to the Trump campaign and obviously did not share similar ideologies. 

The Nazi label didn’t work however and Trump was elected president. The SJWs then changed tactics, they targeted individuals in the conservative realm, hoping that by calling them Nazis, they could get many on the Right to disavow a select group and create a division within the Right. 

They have labeled many people on the right and left-of-center, “Nazis” for disagreeing with extreme Left-wing thought such as gender neutral pronouns and children changing their genders. 

At first, people who wanted to preserve a European majority in Europe were “Nazis.” Then people who wanted closed borders were “Nazis.” Next people who wouldn’t use gender pronouns or gender-neutral pronouns were “Nazis.” 

Some on the Right were happy to agree with the Left and call people who would otherwise be their colleagues “Nazis.”

In this practice, sometimes called “punching right,” conservatives and classical liberals worked hard to distance themselves from people the Left labeled “extreme.”

A good example of this is when professor Jordan B. Peterson uninvited border activist Faith Goldy from a free speech panel because she had agreed to an interview from a far-right podcast.   

Most recently some Republicans have even called for the Right to accept transgenderism and to stop fighting against it, distancing themselves from people who object to the practice.


However, it doesn’t matter how hard conservatives and classical liberals try to distance themselves from people in the conservative circle who are further right than them, the violent Left does not care.

Anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is a “far-right extremist” to them and they will accept nothing less. It is only a matter of time before they come for you, no matter how middle-of-the-road your politics are.

And so, the conservative “Nazis” this week, according to ANTIFA, are pro-lifers. Cassandra Fairbanks broke the story over at The Gateway Pundit in her piece titled Antifa Website Calls for Violence Against Upcoming Pro-Life Demo, Urges Thugs Use ‘Same Force as at Nazi Rally.’

In her article Cassandra explains; “Antifa is calling for violence against a pro-life rally outside Planned Parenthood in Washington next month, urging that peaceful demonstrators should be ‘met with the same force as a Nazi rally or a white power gathering.'”

She continues; “The group Patriot Prayer has called for a peaceful demonstration outside the Planned Parenthood in Kent on June 9. The group has several speakers lined up to discuss why they believe the organization should be defunded.

The organizers have specifically called for those who attend not to harass any women who are going in or out.”

Yet, none of this talk about peace matters to ANTIFA as they continue to move the goalposts on what defines a “Nazi.” Pro-lifers are to now be treated like Nazis. 

The ANTIFA website “It’s Going Down” explains; “Planned Parenthood has a policy in place for supporters to ignore protesters at their sites. As anarchists, we know this is impossible and ‘avoidance politics’ is a particular brand of leftist cowardice…”

They also say, “This is a call to crew up, roll tight and organize to obstruct yet another targeted attack by Joey Gibson [founder of Patriot Prayer] and his rabble of misogynist frat-boys. If we are to continue to call ourselves anti-fascists, these kinds of gendered attacks must be met with the same force as a Nazi rally or a white power gathering.”

The Twitter account Anti Nazi Action, which uses ANTIFA imagery, recently equated pro-life supporters with white supremacy.

The Tweet is referring to a man that the group had supposedly “doxxed” (a term which means they have found and revealed his real name and/or location). This man had been seen wearing an “Unborn lives matter” shirt which they claimed was an “appropriation of black lives matter.” 

Squawker will not link the Tweet here because we do not want to contribute to the further posting of this individual’s private information but it’s important to point out that the name ANTIFA has for this “white supremacist” is a Lebanese sir name and that the individual visually appears to be ethnically Lebanese.

So, to recap, people who are pro-life and Lebanese are “white supremacists” according to ANTIFA.

Note: The slogan “Kinder, Kueche, Kirche” which translates to “Children, Kitchen, Church” predates the Nazis by decades. 

In conclusion, take heart, many vocal pro-lifers aren’t falling for this ANTIFA intimidation and consider the source upon hearing these accusations and calls for violence. 

Squawker spoke with the Austin Petersen for Senate campaign about the issue of ANTIFA calling for violence against pro-life supporters and equating them with Nazis.*

Austin Petersen is well known for his strong and consistent pro-life stance. He is against both abortion as well as the death penalty and he is currently running for a Senate seat in Missouri as a Republican. 

Mr. Petersen said; ““While I stand for e ery American’s right to peacefully protest, it is ironic that an organization defining itself as anti-fascist is intent on punishing those attempting to protect the most vulnerable members of our society – the unborn. The fact is, members of ANTIFA are predominately rabid socialists, communists, and violent anarchists – ideologies much more akin to Nazism than the loving, peaceful protesters fighting to protect babies in the womb.”




* Austin Petersen was asked for a statement on this issue of Antifa equating pro-lifers with Nazis. His agreement to give a statement on the issue should not be construed as his agreement with any other Squawker article, position, or with any of the staff of Squawker or their personal or professional views.