The infamous trolls of 4Chan and the self-righteous thugs of Antifa have been going at it for some time now. With their clashes having already broached both the digital and physical realms.  Only just recently even, I reported on the fact some 4Chan users were plotting to strike back against Antifa by targeting statues of Communist icon Vladimir Lenin in America.

This hardly remains the first time 4Chan has gone after Antifa though. Take for example the time those beloved weaponized autists managed to discover the identity of the infamous Antifa bike lock attacker. An Antifa activist who while cowardly hiding behind a face mask sent another man to the hospital with a major open head wound after smashing him repeatedly with a metal bike lock. Days after this event the attacker probably thought he was in the clear, but then the call went out on 4Chans politically incorrect /pol/ board to find him.

After some impressive internet detective work, it wasn’t too long before the man was discovered to be Eric Clanton. Who almost perfectly stereotypically turned out to be a super liberal college professor teaching social justice classes at a local community college.  

Since his public 4Chan outing things haven’t gone well for this one time Domestic Terrorist.  First losing his teaching job and now facing four charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Between incidents like this and the fact that according to the mainstream media 4Chan is the premier recruiting ground for “right wing militias“, in their war against Antifa and similar forces.  Its really no surprise Antifa, with a sizable internet army all of its own, has been working out the best strategy to take away this alleged breeding ground for the enemy.

It seems now that the group has decided on what this strategy should be as this image has begun floating around popular Alt-Left and Antifa internet hotspots in the past few days. 

This self declared “tactical guide” outlines six different strategies for Antifa members to infiltrate and disrupt what they perceive to be any pro Alt-Right activity on the popular site. The image which goes as far as to liken /pol/ to Hitler’s beer hall, advises members on a number of disruption strategies. Among these tactics being pretending to be a Trump voter now regretting their choice, or working to push the narrative that Ivanka is influencing her father against a more Alt-Right friendly platform. 

Another Copy Floating Around Online. This one highlighting the key tactics to be used.

While it remains to be seen if this will be an effective overall strategy or not, its clear that Antifa sees the users at sites like 4Chan to be their real enemy. In the battle for young minds the internet is certainly a ripe recruitment ground for both sides so weakening a major online hotspot for the Alt-Right does seem almost reasonable on paper. However with the rather strong opinions held by the types who visit /pol/ in the first place its not all that likely any will really be changed as a result of these rather obvious tactics. More likely this campaign will only encourage 4Chan to step up its efforts against Antifa both online and off.  With the mainstream left openly refusing to condemn the extremist group though, we should continue applauding the efforts of /pol/ and any other groups openly willing to stand up against these extremist thugs all the more.


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