For the first time in a long while, the TV zombie that is The Daily Show got some attention from its largely moved on liberal fan base.  But the attention was not positive, with everything from accusations of Nazi collusion to actual death threats being thrown out against the program.  Why exactly?  Because The Daily Show dared join the chorus of mainstream liberals now choosing to distance themselves from Antifa extremists as fast as they can.  You can see for yourself here below the shows take on the group who they compare to a “Vegan ISIS“.


At first most of the criticism started out pretty mild all things considered, at least compared to their usual levels of insanity.

It didn’t take too long though for the hardcore Antifa keyboard warriors to assemble online, and as we all know by now where there is Antifa there are accusations of Nazism.  The fact that The Daily Show is a long time liberal TV icon not seeming to matter one bit to these people.

Antifa didn’t seem afraid to show their true Socialist/Communist colors in their outrage either. 

Some even cut out the complicated words, and went straight to implied threats of violence.

It should also be noted at least a few of those angered by the segment at made at least some attempt to be funny in their outrage.

Lets end on a more positive note however. With this voice of reason that stood out among the outraged masses. 


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